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Specialist solutions for the social sector

Where working with people is at the center, it is a pity for every minute that is unnecessarily spent working with paper. That’s why digitalization offers many good opportunities, especially in the social sector, to make administrative and documentation processes leaner, more time- and nerve-saving.

A prerequisite for this is that information such as files, documents in quality management (QM) or contracts are available with just a few mouse clicks. No one should spend their working time wondering what the latest version of a QM document is – or searching for the latest version in the filing cabinet. A digital document management system can merge documents in their versions in a time-saving way. It can also bundle all relevant documents to one client and merge them into a clearly arranged client or resident file. Revision-proof and easy to use.

Digital client & resident file

Information about clients or residents has the habit of evading structuring. They are distributed over various systems, are available on paper or in their own applications. With a digital client or resident file (also called digital patient file) all information flows together into a clear structure and is available at any location.

Quality management

Seamless documentation of work done and compliance with mandatory guidelines are required in many industries. A uniform workflow can help here, and digital quality management (QM) structures precisely these processes. It relieves employees of work and provides orientation along the processes involved in QM documents, such as creation, approval circulation, publishing and distribution.

App for social sector

With the app for social services, employees are always up to date and receive important information via the channel they always have with them: their own smartphone. This way, employees, clients and relatives can easily communicate with each other without having to guess which messenger app is the right one every time.

Digital personnel file

Employees have better things to do than search for files in storage cabinets – or even find out in which office the cabinet is located. The digital personnel file combines all personnel documents such as application documents, contracts, pay slips or sick leave reports in one place. It can only be viewed by authorized persons.

The cooperation was very collegial and characterized by uncomplicated communication. Without exaggeration: that was extraordinary! This was complemented by a high level of professionalism and a high level of achievement of objectives. Very good work.

Roland Hüber
Head of IT
St. Elisabeth Foundation

Tidy and clear: the new quality management of the St. Elisabeth foundation

The St. Elisabeth Foundation supports and promotes around 4500 people in need between Ulm and Lake Constance. The approximately 2400 employees are involved in the areas of assistance for the disabled, the elderly, help for the seriously ill in hospices, in child and youth welfare as well as in the areas of health and development. Many documents are part of their everyday work, creating challenging requirements for document management in the social sector. The nursing activities are documented, as well as the educational development of the people cared for. The aim of the St. Elisabeth Foundation was to set up a document management system to unify and standardize the work processes in quality management (QM). At the same time, the existing QM documents in their various versions were to be made more easily accessible and tidily archived. The foundation now uses the document management system of d.velop AG for social welfare.

The challenge of document management in the social sector

Social work is most successful, useful and fulfilling when it picks people up where they are: as close as possible to the centre of their lives. This is why the staff of the St. Elisabeth Foundation work at 20 locations between Lake Constance and the Ulm area. This distribution proves to be an advantage in order to be close to the people. For the documentation of work, for QM and for the work of the administration, on the other hand, the many locations sometimes become a challenge.

The initial point

In order to make the quality management documents available at all locations, the St. Elisabeth Foundation initially relied on Microsoft Sharepoint. For this technology, d.velop AG designed ecspand, a document management system that integrates seamlessly into the Sharepoint environment and provides additional, decisive functions for clarity, archiving and transparency. With ecspand all users continue to work in their familiar programs.

Roland Hüber, Head of IT at the St. Elisabeth Foundation: “In future we wanted to communicate and distribute data via a uniform, future-oriented platform without system boundaries. In addition, everything had to be easy to use, because the employees should concentrate on their support and not on the operation of complicated software interfaces. Therefore, a self-explanatory web interface was also extremely important for us”.

Better overview in quality management

After rolling out the ecspand software the foundation first categorized all existing documents in quality management. Over the years many documents with similar content had accumulated. These documents were then not transferred 1:1 to the new digital system but were neatly checked for affiliation and version number. A quality management coordinator managed the process centrally. Result: 2361 original documents with the respective versions. Since the import, these are available in ecspand in historical versions.

User acceptance of document management in the social sector

Roland Hüber: “Because all quality management representatives were involved in the project, the acceptance was high. The training effort for the new solution is also comparatively low”. In fact, the effort was so low that Roland Hüber spoke of “user training”. The software automatically guides employees to their respective portal, and from there, depending on their assigned rights, they go to the individual applications such as contract management, incoming invoice processing and quality management. In this way, the document management system brings employees and the relevant documents together, regardless of their current location.

The result

Roland Hüber’s conclusion: “Overall, the implementation of ecspand quality management was done very purposefully. We adhered to the specifications and coordinated the individual steps. Because we worked together in a structured way we were able to achieve such a high implementation scope. We achieved exactly what we wanted. The result is absolutely impressive.”

Bonus: Since the St. Elisabeth Foundation now uses the same system at all its locations, the technical support is also standardized.

The ecspand quality management of d.velop ensures a uniform quality management across the entire foundation and all business areas.

Roland Hüber
Head of the IT department
St. Elisabeth foundation

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