Document Management & Digital Business Processes

Digitalize your business processes

Say goodbye to manual processes and say hello to your new, lighter workload thanks to d.velop software. Discover how to digitally organize, store, and access all types of information in your company – from document management to digital signatures.

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Digitalize your company
with d.velop platform products

d.velop is a company that produces software to support document management and digital processes. With d.velop, you can ensure your documents and data are exchanged smartly across your organisation. Digitally integrate customers, suppliers, individuals, and all other target groups into your business processes – even third parties.

  • Document management

    d.velop product document mangement

    Put an end to manual filing, records management, and disorganized folders in overstuffed filing systems. A digital Document Management System (DMS) allows you to automate and digitalize all document management processes – from scanning to archiving.

    • Certified to German IDW PS 880 standard
    • Seamless integration into third-party systems
  • Invoice processing

    male sitting with laptop and phone

    Simplify the way you manage incoming invoices with digital invoice processing. Digitalize and optimize your entire invoicing workflow.

    • Verify, log, and approve invoices
    • AI-based invoice recognition
  • Contract management

    woman with glasses and headphones working on a laptop

    Digital contract management makes it easy to examine all contracts and deadlines at a glance, across the entire lifecycle of a contract: from creation, review, approval, and signing through to termination.

    • All contracts managed centrally
    • Never miss a deadline again
  • Employee app

    business woman with phone in her hands

    Enjoy the benefits of secure, location-independent communication – all in one easy app. Our app keeps your staff in the loop at all times. You can even manage workflows through the app.

    • Connect staff across company boundaries
    • Map HR processes in the app
  • Digital signature

    coffee break with phone

    Our intuitive digital signing tools make it easy to create legally compliant electronic signatures. Support simple signing of contracts, invoices, and other documents directly in the cloud.

    • eIDAS and GDPR-compliant
    • Qualified e-signature available as standard
    • Can be used internationally
  • Digital personnel file

    d.velop your digital personnel files image

    d.velop’s digital personnel file system digitalizes and automates much of your human resource processes while ensuring greater transparency. The dedicated personnel file for each employee provides a home for every relevant document. From the initial application, to the contract, pay slips and sick leave

    • All personnel documents in one place

  • d.velop ranks in the top 3 at the MAIN Software Awards

    top management with main software award

    The private equity company MAIN Capital Partners awards the 50 most successful software companies in Germany once a year in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute. d.velop was awarded as “Overall Champion #3” in 2022. The d.velop team is very happy about this award.

  • Business processes in focus

    d.velop employees in the office

    Companies, especially during the start-up phase, often lack business processes. There is a lack of clear responsibilities, information is stored in different documents and processes change spontaneously. This leads to work being carried out inefficiently and involves high friction losses. Here you can find out everything about business processes optimization at a glance.

Over 13,350 customers use d.velop to make their digital life easier

Together with our strong network of more than 400 partners, we help 3.25 million people worldwide to manage documents and digitalise business processes with a mouse click. Find out how through the testimonials of various d.velop customers across different industries.

Seamlessly integrate d.velop software into existing systems

d.velop software can be easily integrated into numerous third-party systems. The Gartner Magic Quadrant Content Services Platforms report is a testament to d.velop’s strong integration expertise – with ERP to CRM systems and other leading applications.

Your digitalization update

The d.velop blog offers regular articles, inspiration, and expert insights on digital transformation, legal aspects, the latest market developments, and more.

  • That was the d.velop forum 2023 – live and in colour!

    By Tina Wewers 26.05.2023
    dvelop forum 2023 main stage

    Great news! The d.velop forum is back after three years without on-site events. We want to thank the approximately 1,000 participants for making it a huge success. Check out our blog article for the event highlights at AREAL BÖHLER, featuring 40 speakers, 20 lectures, and 6,500 square meters of excitement.

  • 5 reasons why you should use a DMS Online

    By Dortje Janzen 17.05.2023
    header dms online laptop

    Is it merely a matter of semantics? For certain individuals, the terms “DMS” and “DMS Online” are interchangeable, while others argue for a clear differentiation. So, who is correct? In this article, we aim to resolve the key inquiries regarding DMS Online and provide five compelling reasons why every company should transition to it.

  • Hyperautomation – hype or the future?

    By Andre Thesker 24.05.2023
    dvelop employees white board

    The concept of hyperautomation was recognized by Gartner as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends in 2022. But what does hyperautomation actually entail, and does it truly hold potential for companies? In this article, we delve into the meaning of hyperautomation and explore its potential benefits for businesses.

  • A look into the future: Interview with Magnus Lindkvist

    By Magnus Lindkvist 12.05.2023
    magnus lindkvist dvelop forum 23

    In an ever-evolving world, accurately predicting the future is a challenging task. However, Magnus Lindkvist is one of the futurists who boldly employs terms like “ever” and “never.” In this interview, Magnus Lindkvist shares his insights on digitization, artificial intelligence, robotics, and their profound societal impact, serving as a precursor to the d.velop forum 2023.

  • Tijen Onaran reveals what networking is all about. 5 hacks included.

    By Tijen Onaran 03.11.2022
    blog header tijen onaran networking

    Qualifications, experience, hard work – all important for a career, of course. One of the most important factors, however, is a stable network: Tijen Onaran reveals how to build, maintain and activate such a network. The expert on networking.

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