Document Management & Digital Business Processes

Digitalise your business processes

Say goodbye to manual processes and start reducing your team’s workload with d.velop software. Learn how to use digital tools to organise, store, and access all types of information in your company – from enterprise-wide document management systems to contract management, invoice processing, and digital signing.

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Digitalise document-based processes
with Europe’s leading content services platform

Work smarter everywhere with d.velop. We’re a dedicated SaaS and hybrid provider with a powerful, flexible, and scalable platform to support digital and collaborative document management. Exchange documents and data efficiently across and beyond your organisation. Integrate customers, suppliers, individuals, and any other target group into your business processes. Collaborate better, work smarter, and unlock potential with d.velop documents.

  • Document management

    d.velop product document mangement

    Put an end to manual filing, records management, and disorganised folders in overstuffed filing systems. A digital Document Management System (DMS) allows you to automate and digitalise all document management processes, from scanning to archiving.

    • Automate capture and digitisation of documents
    • Seamless integration with third-party systems
    • Certified to German IDW PS 880 standard
  • Invoice processing

    male sitting with laptop and phone

    Simplify the way you manage incoming invoices with digital invoice processing. Digitalise and optimise your entire invoicing workflow.

    • Verify, log, and approve invoices
    • AI-based invoice recognition
  • Contract management

    woman with glasses and headphones working on a laptop

    Digital contract management makes it easy to examine all your contracts, terms, and deadlines at a glance. Track contracts across their entire lifecycle: creation, review, approval, signing, and termination.

    • Manage all contracts in one place
    • Never miss important dates and deadlines again
  • Employee app

    business woman with phone in her hands

    Enjoy the benefits of secure, location-independent communication across your organisation – all through one easy-to-use app. Keep everyone in the loop, no matter where they are. The app can even be used to map and manage digital workflows.

    • Connect staff across organisational boundaries
    • Integrate HR workflows directly in the app
  • Digital signatures

    coffee break with phone

    Our intuitive digital signing tools make it easy to create legally compliant electronic signatures. Support simple signing of contracts, invoices, and other documents directly in the cloud.

    • GDPR and eIDAS-compliant
    • Qualified e-signature available as standard
    • Works internationally
  • Digital personnel file

    d.velop your digital personnel files image

    d.velop’s digital personnel file system digitalises and automates many human resource processes while boosting transparency. Each employee has a dedicated personnel file, creating a central hub for every relevant document, including their initial application, contracts, pay records, annual leave, and absences.

    • All your HR documents available in one place
    • Digital management of many HR processes

d.velop process studio

Automate business processes with no coding skills

Take the stress out of time-consuming routine tasks and accelerate the flow of information flow within your organisation with effective workflow management.

d.velop process studio gives any department the power to map and automate their processes with modern no-code and low-code approaches.

  • Automate standardised workflows
  • Implement everything easily with no-code and low-code approaches
  • Aligned with the Object Management Group (OMG) standard

d.velop News

  • d.velop UKI establishes strategic partnership with Aurora Managed Services

    Aurora Partnership

    d.velop UKI announces a strategic partnership with Aurora Managed Services, a leading provider of managed print services, document management and automation solutions with 8 offices across the UK. The partnership aims to leverage d.velop’s expertise in best-in-class technologies, digital automation, and orchestration, and enhance Aurora Managed Services’ work to orchestrate digital competence.

  • New partnership between AI experts Parashift and d.velop

    ki cooperation dvelop

    d.velop is entering into a partnership with the Swiss AI and OCR provider, Parashift. This will further enhance data extraction and automated storage organisation within d.velop solutions, contributing to our comprehensive AI initiative centered around the d.velop platform.


Join a network more than 13,350 customers

Together with our more than 400-strong partner network, we help more than 3.25 million people worldwide every day to intelligently manage their documents and digitalise their processes with the click of a button. Learn more through the first-hand experiences of d.velop customers across a wide range of industries.

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Integrate d.velop software seamlessly with your existing systems

The d.velop platform is built on strong SaaS architecture with integration in mind. The d.velop softeware suite can be easily integrated into a wide and expanding range of third-party systems. Everything is designed for seamless connectivity with standardised interfaces, d.velop platform apps, and an open Rest API.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant Content Services Platforms report is a testament to d.velop’s outstanding integration expertise – covering ERP, CRM, and and other applications.

Your digitalisation update

The d.velop blog offers regular articles, inspiration, and expert insights on digital transformation, legal considerations, the latest market developments, and more.

  • Being “Deutschital” – German digitalisation anxiety

    By Magnus Lindkvist
    Brandenburger Tor Germany

    Germany has a number of things working against it becoming a global digital business giant. This does not mean it should work hard to become a bad copy of the US or Sweden any time soon. Instead, it should work with what it’s got. In fact, Germany could become a winner in the next economy. As digital technology matures, it will require more process thinking and fewer experiments.

  • Output management – definition, tasks, and benefits

    By Melissa Onay
    blog post laptop and phone

    Output management is a sustainability investment for a company. It offers many notable advantages relevant to employers and employees alike. It is faster than manually creating and designing documents, while also reducing errors and saving endless time and wasted paper.

  • Futurologist Magnus Lindkvist reveals 6 characteristics of successful companies of the future

    By Magnus Lindkvist
    magnus lindkvist future

    The blog post examines optimistic and pessimistic views of the future and highlights six traits shared by successful companies in times of change. These include drawing inspiration from unconventional sources, embracing playful experimentation, learning to naviage changing regulations, and leveraging conflict for innovation. Resilience in the face of adversity and a focus on creative exploration are also key factors contributing to their success.

  • Change – Closing the capability gap

    By Colin Dean
    Employee is explaining

    The blog post explores the impact of global crises on economies and emphasises the need for businesses to adapt. Using the example of the LEGO Group, it demonstrates how creative thinking can turn challenges into opportunities. Effective change management involves addressing employee resistance through communication. The post also underscores the significance of collaborative processes, evaluating efficiency, and maintaining communication to succeed in changing times.

  • The tools of internal communication – how to use them effectively

    By Maximilian Haselhoff
    header internal communication tools

    A company may have different internal target groups, such as non-desk workers who work on a factory floor. Then there are employees who work remotely. This can lead to a split of sorts and create tensions.  This danger of a “two-class society” can be circumvented by taking the right action before the trouble starts.

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