Salesforce ECM

Document processes seamlessly integrated into Salesforce

Benefit from d.velop ECM technologies in your familiar Salesforce interface.

  • Collaborate on documents beyond Salesforce
  • Save time and money through collaboration and reduced storage costs
  • Digital signatures can be directly integrated in Salesforce
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Benefit from d.velop ECM technology directly in your Salesforce CRM

Many companies rely on Salesforce CRM for successful customer relationship management: whether in sales, service, or marketing – processes are mapped via Salesforce. However, the creation and management of the associated documents often take place in a decentralized IT landscape.

That is why d.velop integrates ECM solutions such as d.velop documents and d.velop sign quickly and easily into your Salesforce. It doesn’t matter whether you use d.velop products from the cloud or on-premises: With our proven integrations, you experience all the benefits directly in the Salesforce application. And thanks to the seamless integration, without even noticing it!

  • 3000 Users use d.velop technologies in Salesforce.
  • 5 Years of partnership connect Salesforce and d.velop.
  • 30 Customers rely on Salesforce and d.velop.
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Streamline your sales processes with d.velop and Salesforce

Do you spend way too much time searching for the documents you need? And when you do find one, can you be sure it’s the most current version?

These are just a few of the challenges our customers faced before coming to us. We had just the answer for them: d.velop documents for Salesforce.

Salesforce competence at d.velop

d.velop AG uses Salesforce in its daily work

d.velop itself is also a Salesforce customer! We use the Sales, Service and Community Cloud on a daily basis and therefore know exactly what is important.

The d.velop integration is available in the Salesforce AppExchange

The native integration for Salesforce is listed with Salesforce in the AppExchange and meets all necessary security standards.

d.velop AG has its own Salesforce development team

d.velop employs its own Salesforce development team consisting of certified and trained employees who are ready to help you.

d.velop AG is a long-time certified Salesforce partner

d.velop is a certified Salesforce ISV partner and has already received the Partner Award in the Trust category.

Seamless Integration in Rootstock ERP on the Salesforce platform

Rootstock ERP software is a manufacturing ERP software on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. Using the d.velop cloud platform‘s seamless integration with Salesforce, Rootstock partner Balanced Force has integrated key d.velop ECM components for Rootstock ERP customers.  ​
The „clicks, not code“ approach make Rootstock a perfect match for d.velop documents cloud and d.velop invoices, the out-of-the-box AP invoice processing solution.

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AP invoice processing with
d.velop invoices and Rootstock ERP ​

  • SaaS integrated solution providing visibility on invoices in the approval process from Rootstock ERP​
  • Automated invoice capture, recognition, verification with AI support​
  • Synchronisation of all master and PO data from Rootstock with 2 and 3 way invoice matching
  • Standard process for cost invoices provided, easily configurable.

ECM with Rootstock ERP

  • Integration via d.velop connect for Salesforce for automatic storage of outgoing documents from Rootstock ERP into d.velop documents​
  • Easily access documents and document dossiers (e.g. all customer, supplier or order related documents) from anywhere in Rootstock ERP​
  • Enrich Rootstock ERP with one single source of truth for documents in your organisation​

Connecting your d.velop DMS with Salesforce has never been easier.

Regardless of which industry you are in, and regardless of which Salesforce Cloud (Sales, Service or Community) you use: The integration of d.velop products into your Salesforce CRM is possible from anywhere and within a very short time. What does this look like in concrete terms?

  • Document management integrated into Salesforce

    Save storage costs, accelerate document and business processes and work more efficiently in CRM: These are just some of the many advantages of a fully integrated document management system in Salesforce. Find out what advantages integrated document management has in store for you.

  • Digital signature integrated into Salesforce

    Sign documents and contracts in Salesforce within seconds? No longer a challenge thanks to d.velop sign – the product for a fast and secure digital signature. Because documents of any kind can be signed directly in the Salesforce application thanks to the interface. This not only saves time, but above all money and nerves.

  • SharePoint DMS integrated into Salesforce

    Open context-related SharePoint documents directly in Salesforce and save new documents from Salesforce fully automatically in d.velop Document Management for Microsoft 365. The user no longer has to leave the familiar Salesforce interface. This way, another component of your IT landscape can be easily integrated into Salesforce.

Berger Touristik reports on the interaction between Salesforce and d.velop

Berger Touristik, a broker of 100+ vacation accommodations, has been embracing digitalization since 2017. The goals: agility and scalability. The custom-tailored Salesforce solution plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. However, without the integration of d.velop documents, these objectives would not have been accomplished. Only through this integration can document and business processes be digitized and made available to all employees.

Advantages of integration at a glance

  • Due to the interface as Salesforce Lightning components, users do not have to rethink. There is no need for training.
  • No more constant switching between specialist applications.
  • Direct access from Salesforce to the documents in your DMS.
  • Retrieve, view and store documents and files within Salesforce in seconds.
  • Start and track document-based business processes directly in and from Salesforce.
  • Central functions of the document management system up to the digital signature can be used 1:1 in Salesforce.

Are you still at the beginning or would you like to experience all the advantages of a integration live?

Request a free demo of d.velop software.