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The success for every CRM: d.velop and Salesforce.

Customer relationship management plays a central role today – be it to obtain a 360-degree view of your customers, to enable customer-centric processes, to shorten response times or to increase the ability of employees to provide information.
For this reason, companies today have a CRM system in place and often rely on the world’s leading provider of CRM software from the cloud: Salesforce.

And what should definitely not be missing from your Salesforce?
Exactly! All information and processes around your documents.

That is why d.velop integrates your d.velop document management as well as the digital signature quickly and easily into your Salesforce. It doesn’t matter whether you use our d.velop products from the cloud or on-premises: With our proven integrations, you experience all advantages directly in the Salesforce application. And thanks to the seamless integration, without even noticing it!

Badge d.velop AG ist Salesforce Partner seit 2017
d.velop AG ist Salesforce AppExchange Partner

Salesforce CRM in use?
We understand that (best)!

d.velop AG uses Salesforce in its daily work

d.velop itself is also a Salesforce customer! We use the Sales, Service and Community Cloud on a daily basis and therefore know exactly what is important.

The d.velop integration is available in the Salesforce AppExchange

The native integration for Salesforce is listed with Salesforce in the AppExchange and meets all necessary security standards.

d.velop AG has its own Salesforce development team

d.velop employs its own Salesforce development team consisting of certified and trained employees who are ready to help you.

d.velop AG is a long-time certified Salesforce partner

d.velop is a certified Salesforce ISV partner and has already received the Partner Award in the Trust category.

Connecting your d.velop DMS with Salesforce has never been easier.

Regardless of which industry you are in. And regardless of which Salesforce Cloud (Sales, Service or Community) you use: The integration of d.velop products into your Salesforce CRM is possible from anywhere and within a very short time. What does this look like in concrete terms?

Document management integrated into Salesforce

Save storage costs, accelerate document and business processes and work more efficiently in CRM: These are just some of the many advantages of a fully integrated document management system in Salesforce. Find out what advantages integrated document management has in store for you.

Digital signature integrated into Salesforce

Sign documents and contracts in Salesforce within seconds? No longer a challenge thanks to d.velop sign – the product for a fast and secure digital signature. Because documents of any kind can be signed directly in the Salesforce application thanks to the interface. This not only saves time, but above all money and nerves.

SharePoint DMS integrated intoSalesforce

Open context-related SharePoint documents directly in Salesforce and save new documents from Salesforce fully automatically in d.velop Document Management for Microsoft 365. The user no longer has to leave the familiar Salesforce interface. This way, another component of your IT landscape can be easily integrated into Salesforce.

Advantages of integration at a glance

  • Due to the interface as Salesforce Lightning components, users do not have to rethink. There is no need for training.
  • No more constant switching between specialist applications.
  • Direct access from Salesforce to the documents in your DMS.
  • Retrieve, view and store documents and files within Salesforce in seconds.
  • Start and track document-based business processes directly in and from Salesforce.
  • Central functions of the document management system up to the digital signature can be used 1:1 in Salesforce.

Webinars –
Efficient Sales Management powered by Salesforce & d.velop documents (for Microsoft 365)

Save time and money by seamlessly integrating d.velop documents, d.velop d.3ecm, or d.velop for Microsoft 365 into Salesforce and thus (not only) preserve your storage.

The biggest advantage is obvious: Call up context-related documents in Salesforce and save new documents from Salesforce in the d.velop DMS fully automatically. The user no longer has to leave the familiar Salesforce interface for this.

Experience the software live in the webinars now.

Functions of the d.velop DMS fit seamlessly into the user experience of our Salesforce user, so that he works intuitively with the software without having to learn how to use separate applications.

Alexander Haunschild
Sales Manager
geiger BDT GmbH

You want to get started straight away? No problem.

If you already use one of the following 3 systems – in addition to Salesforce:

  • The d.velop DMS from the cloud: d.velop documents (business / ultimate)
  • The locally operated d.velop DMS: d.3ecm
  • The d.velop DMS for Microsoft SharePoint: d.velop for Microsoft 365

Use and experience the powerful combination of DMS and CRM now by booking our integration via the d.velop store.

Are you still at the beginning or would you like to experience all the advantages of integration live? Then book a non-binding live demonstration of the software.