DMS for small businesses

DMS as a growth engine for startups and small businesses.

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Experience how to digitally manage, organize, and store content within the company – from Document Management System (DMS) to digital signatures.

  • Improved information management
  • Meet compliance requirements
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Intelligent information management for the success of your small business

New market potentials, disruptive business models, intelligent products – the opportunity to grow your small business quickly and sustainably has never been as significant as in the era of digital transformation. The foundation for your success always lies in intelligent information management. Only by ensuring fast access to data, digitally supporting business processes, and meeting increasing compliance requirements will you successfully advance your company.

Explore our Document Management System and apps for intelligent digital business processes, creating the foundation for faster growth of your business.

  • Access information faster
  • Protect yourself from data losses
  • Increase your information quality
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • 3.4 mn. Small businesses in Germany
  • 4 Central benefits arising from the digital workplace
  • 30 % of small businesses plan to invest in professional software

Just book the service via the d.velop store and you’re ready to go! 

Streamlined small business services:  As standardized as possible. As customized as you need. 

You don’t pay any additional implementation, hardware or costs when using apps booked directly via the d.velop store. You can get started right away – wherever you are! We can also integrate our services with your existing systems via existing interfaces or standardized enablement packs. Get in touch to learn more. 

  • Integrated digital invoice processing

    d.velop invoices - invoice data

    d.velop invoices is a web application which allows you to intelligently streamline, simplify and optimize the processing of your incoming invoices. Significantly improve transparency and efficiency in your company with the help of a digital incoming invoice process. You can also enjoy the benefits of distributed collaboration.

  • Manage documents intelligently and simply

    d.velop documents app

    Rely on secure and audit-proof filing and storage of your documents. Enhance your productivity with central access to information, intelligent automation and individual customization.

  • Digital signatures – anytime, anywhere!

    d.velop sign

    d.velop sign lets you create certificate-based signatures and invite third parties (colleagues or externals) to provide their legally valid digital signature on documents with you.

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Free whitepaper – with templates, best practices, tips and tricks 

Digital document management – your digitalization launchpad 

Digitalization and networking have been moving along slowly – but the events of 2020 made their necessity clear to all. These advancements are on path to become the revolution of the 21st century. Digital transformation is pushing the world of work towards standardized corporate processes, and the associated cost savings. 

A Document Management System (DMS) is the first and most important step on your path to digitalizing your company processes. 

Our whitepaper illustrates outlines all the key advice to ensure you hit the ground running when your documents go digital. 

Martin Rinck Managementberatung – Berlin-based management consultants 

“Up until now, we’d been using the traditional electronic signature system, with a signature card and card reader. But most of our clients don’t have these – neither the cards nor the software. That made it all too expensive, complicated, and insecure for us. Now we’re really glad to no longer be tied to the hardware.” 

Martin Rinck Managementberatung

Do you want to take your business to the next level?