Document Management for Public Administration

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Document management for public administration

The digital transformation also raises great hopes and expectations in public institutions. And rightly so, because digitalization can simplify and above all improve daily work. The easier and faster availability of information means that processes are changing fundamentally and sustainably. With document management for public administration, you lay the foundation for your digital transformation.


By integrating the eFile into your existing specialist procedures, a seamlessly functioning overall system can be established.

Digital inbox

Incoming mail processing is one of the central building blocks for a successful digital transformation. The gain in efficiency becomes tangible for you right from the start.

Meeting management

In addition to the paperless working before, meeting management also integrates the eFile from the d.3ecm in compliance with data protection.

According to file plan

With document management according to the file plan, you can quickly and easily access any document or required information. No matter whether it is about research, administration or archiving.

An excerpt of our customers

Working with the eFile means for us that everyone has quick access to information in the sense of a citizen-friendly and efficient administration.

Michael Grubbe
Head of information & communication
City of Bad Rappenau

This is how the city Bad Rappenau does it

Successful digitalization in public administration, such as the introduction of an eFile, depends on many factors. Good preparation contributes significantly to success. In the project report you can read how the city of Bad Rappenau has developed the framework conditions, processes and structures, how it has tackled the challenge of digitalization in public administration and how it has succeeded in document management for public administration.

The challenge in public administration

In the city of Bad Rappenau, after almost four years of d.3ecm use, a multitude of specialized procedures have already been supplemented by the eFile. The city administration together with codia Software GmbH also approaches the topic of general document management with an electronic file plan. Michael Grubbe, head of the IuK department of the Baden-Württemberg spa town Bad Rappenau, counts about 40 specialized procedures in all departments of the administration. Their own island archive systems have been successively replaced by the cross-process ECM solution d.3ecm in the last few years. The solution should soon be in use at all 120 workstations of the city administration of Bad Rappenau, a large part of which is already connected. MESO and Finanz+ were among the first specialized processes that Bad Rappenau equipped with eFiles functionality. For them – as for all other procedures used in Bad Rappenau – codia already brought ready-to-use interfaces with it. Thus, the ECM project in the combing department started with document archiving for the cash register system. In the city treasury, the documents are digitised after their approval, stored in the archive and assigned to the process in Finanz+. Subsequently, it was the turn of the residents’ registration office and the combing department to set up an electronic tax file.

Digitalization in public administration

The colleagues in the property management department also work intensively with a property file based on d.3ecm. It was set up by codia and includes purchase and lease contracts, proof of rights of use of land and easements – all correspondence concerning a property. Advantage: Everything important is now in a central location and allows quick research. In the ECM system, the department works with standardized specifications and file numbers of the Baden-Württemberg file plan, into which the system is completely integrated.

Everything is also in a central location in the tender file, because each department stores its tender documents and the service specifications in the eFile, the awarding authority picks them up there, loads them onto the electronic awarding platform of the municipality and conversely stores the bids submitted on the platform in the file. This ensures the digital flow in the award procedure.

eInvoice only after changeover

Bad Rappenau has also implemented the document entry of invoices. The administration only wants to start archiving incoming invoices at an early stage after the budget system has been converted to double-entry in 2020. At that time, Bad Rappenau will also increasingly turn its attention to the topic of e-bill. Electronic invoices still do not play a major role in the business transactions of the municipality. Michael Grubbe is well aware that the introduction of e-bill will require a complete change in the organization. The challenge here is not so much of a technical nature, but rather that the previously defined paper path with stamp, verification of the arithmetic correctness by hand signature, invoice capture and arrangement must first be electronically channelled. “After all, the town hall is not the only recipient,” says Michael Grubbe, “schools and kindergartens also receive invoices, which must then be sent to us. The challenge is to communicate this and prepare the electronic channels for it”.

The result

The strategy in Bad Rappenau is clear: enter into digital case processing by introducing the ECM system “through the back door” and start with the specialist applications – where the case file makes work easier. Michael Grubbe: “Working with the eFile means for us that everyone has quick access to information in the sense of citizen-friendly and efficient administration”. Later on, connecting the case file processing with file plan is the logical next step for the IT manager, the crowning glory, so to speak. The citizens of Kurstadt approach it from month to month with the ECM coverage.

An ECM system is for us the key procedure of the future and one of the new neuralgic systems, especially against the background of the forthcoming electronic file management according to e-Government law.

Michael Grubbe
Head of information & communication
City of Bad Rappenau

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County Mansfeld-South Harz

The administrative district of Mansfeld-Südharz is a regional authority in the south of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The seat of the administration is the city of Sangerhausen. More than 700 employees work in the administration. “For the district of Mansfeld-Südharz, the decision to run payroll accounting with SAP HCM in the computer center has proven to be a very good and, above all, cost-effective solution,” says Ina Kirschmann, Head of the Office for Personnel/Organization of the district of Mansfeld-Südharz.