Digitilization for the logistic industry

Document Management for the Logistics Industry

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Effortlessly Digitalize and Automate Logistics Processes with d.velop Platform.

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Special solutions for logistics

Logistics means transporting the right goods in the right quality and quantity and at the right costs to the right location at the right time 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Logisticians perform “logistical feats” every day. But that has involved more than simple transport from A to B for a long time now. For years, logisticians have been performing more and more services before and after transport, which the industry has successively outsourced, and they play a decisive role in integration into the supply chain. Digitalization in the logistics branch and topics like Logistics 4.0 continue to move forward.

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Digital logistics dossier

A logistics dossier plan creates a process-related structure that allows you to find different documents in a transport dossier with as few clicks as possible. You do not even have to be in the office; instead, you can conveniently access all documents from your smartphone or tablet and can also participate in workflows.

Logistics app

You can use the d.velop logistics app to involve your commercial employees who do not have access to a PC or who are on the road in your processes. Inform your driving staff about important procedures during loading and unloading for certain customers, and keep your warehouse staff qualified with work and procedural instructions.

Scanning and classifying

The browser-based scan software from d.velop can be connected to any desktop or network scanner thanks to an instantly installable scan connector. Once the scanner is ready, the scan starts from within the software. After scanning, all pages are neatly displayed on the user interface.

Company-wide search

Information that is essential to your company is contained in a multitude of documents and systems. It is often stored in data silos that are completely isolated from each other, making it difficult to retrieve this information. With d.velop enterprise search, you can overcome the boundaries of individual applications and create company-wide searches at the push of a button.

  • 293 Mrd. was the turnover of the logistics sector in Germany in 2021 (Source: BVL).
  • 92 % of logistics companies consider digitalization as a top priority (Source: BVL).
  • 3.1 Mio. employees working in the logistics industry in Germany (Source: BVL).

We were very impressed with the product’s wide range of available modules and the fact that many systems can be quickly and easily integrated using the open interface architecture.

Torsten Gronemann
Document Management Project Manager
FIEGE group

This is how the FIEGE Group does it

Digitalization is the greatest challenge facing logistics in the coming years. Logistics 4.0 means processing and delivering an exponential amount of information around the world and in real time. For this purpose, analog processes with manual and paper-based procedures need to be optimized using digital workflow solutions and document management systems. d.velop will help you do so lastingly with its broad and functionally deep document management for logistics.

In the past several years, FIEGE Deutschland has evolved from a transportation company to one of Europe’s market leaders in holistic logistics solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors. It also pursued this development in matters of digitization. What exactly does digitization in the logistics industry look like? Let’s take a closer look at the project at the FIEGE Group!

The challenge

The FIEGE Group is headquartered in Greven, North Rhine-Westphalia, and is one of the leading providers of logistics in Europe. The company specializes in the development and implementation of integrated, holistic logistics systems. The Group has approximately 15,000 employees worldwide. With 150 locations and cooperative endeavors in 15 countries, the company has a dense logistics network. In 2018, the Group earned 1.60 billion euros. The company boasts 3.0 million square meters of storage and logistics space, which indicates the scale of its performance capacity.

Online delivery of up-to-date order status information is now common practice in the logistics business. Simply providing status updates will continue to be sufficient when working with parcel carriers, but companies in other industries expect to be able to view documents related to specific orders. FIEGE Deutschland wanted to offer this service to its customers in a comprehensive manner and thus sought out a solution to connect the newly established F-XL Monitor tracking and tracing (T&T) solution with a web-capable archiving and document management system.

Uninterrupted logistics chain

FIEGE offers its customers a universal solution with the web-based T&T platform “F-XL Monitor” in connection with d.3ecm. The complete logistics chain is thoroughly documented, which guarantees the greatest possible amount of transparency for current orders. This allows FIEGE to increase its competitive advantage: if customers are able to access delivery documents themselves on the web, logistics specialists no longer need to actively provide this information, which allows them to deploy their personnel more efficiently. And FIEGE’s customers no longer want to go without the option of being able to inform themselves about current orders at any time and at the touch of a button.

In the past, Customer Service had to contact the logistics department to find out more about the whereabouts of a package. The destination agent at FIEGE then had to be contacted, who in turn had to contact the carrier. This process required many phone calls, whereas now Customer Service only needs to click a button on the Internet. FIEGE transformed a cumbersome process into a simple, customer-focused service that provides a huge benefit to the company’s customers. That’s how FIEGE transformed an information shortage into an information abundance.

The process

FIEGE appreciates the simple operation of d.3ecm and its extremely fast access to documents via the web client. “We were also very impressed with the product’s wide range of available modules and the fact that many systems can be quickly and easily integrated via the open interface architecture – we experienced this first-hand with the F-XL Monitor,” said Torsten Gronemann, DMS Project Manager at FIEGE Deutschland. The team at d.velop also has to be on the ball where further expansion of the project is concerned. The logistics industry moves at an incredibly rapid pace. At times, a new location has to be equipped with document management technology in a matter of days. d.velop convincingly demonstrated that this is feasible by successfully setting up the first four locations. After that, we were able to implement our diverse requirements for incoming invoice processing with d.velop using a custom verification workflow, which had already been rolled out in several European countries.

The result

The system has been up and running since March of 2007. Anywhere between 1,300 and 1,800 packages are shipped daily from the Bocholt location. The packages are supplied with a proof of delivery, each of which has a 34-digit barcode attached. The recipient signs the proof of delivery upon receipt of the package. The shipping agent then brings it back to the company, where it is scanned with the shipping order and the barcode is copied to the property fields of the PoD document type. Finally, the documents are transferred to the central d.3 repository at FIEGE’s headquarters in Greven. After scanning proof of deliveries at three German locations at the beginning of 2008, the locations in Hamburg and Coesfeld are due to follow suit in quick succession.

As a provider of logistical services, we’ve been focused on document management and package tracking for quite a while now. We have been using d.3ecm in our invoicing department for several years to archive incoming and outgoing invoices with SAP/FI. We already had a tracking and tracing solution in place.

Torsten Gronemann
Document Management Project Manager
FIEGE group

More happy d.velop customers

  • GREIWING logistics for you

    Since 2009, GREIWING logistics for you has been using d.3ecm by d.velop for document management for logistics. Since the digital incoming invoice processing was introduced, more than 25,000 invoices have beenprocessed every year. A digital invoice is completely verified and posted within 3 days, even though GREIWING logistics for you has 10 locations.

  • FIEGE group

    Fiege Logistics Truck

    FIEGE appreciates the simple operation of d.3ecm and its extremely fast access to documents. “We were very impressed with the product’s wide range of available modules and the fact that many systems can be quickly and easily integrated via the open interface architecture,” said DMS Project Manager Torsten Gronemann.

  • Duvenbeck corporate group

    Duvenbeck Trucks

    Digitalization in the logistics branch has become increasingly important at the DUVENBECK corporate group in recent years. The DMS it used until the end of 2015 was no longer satisfactory. That is why the group decided to introduce d.3ecm, which also helps the company deal with progressing digitization.

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