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Effortlessly digitalize and automate logistics processes with d.velop platform.

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Digitalisation in logistics with the d.velop platform

Logistics means transporting the right goods in the right quality and quantity and at the right costs to the right location at the right time 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Logisticians perform “logistical feats” every day. But that has involved more than simple transport from A to B for a long time now. For years, logisticians have been performing more and more services before and after transport, which the industry has successively outsourced, and they play a decisive role in integration into the supply chain. Digitalisation in the logistics branch and topics like Logistics 4.0 continue to move forward.

With the digital solutions of our d.velop platform, we digitally map all commercial processes in logistics. This allows you to manage your documents, such as freight documents, weighing notes or contract documents, quickly, easily and in a legally compliant manner – and all of this automatically. Benefit from our diverse content services customized to your logistics processes.

Freight transport on the road

Companies with a large number of field service employees can be found far too often in logistics. The term “field service” applies above all to the drivers in the company. As a company, how do you ensure that your drivers have all the necessary documents “on hand”? How do you involve your colleagues in your processes? Often, folders or binders are handed out at the start of a tour – with all the necessary documents printed out. This can be done differently – with the employee app for real logistics professionals. By using the employee app, you enable location-independent collaboration in real time – no matter where your driver is located at the time. Desk workers in the commercial departments also benefit from a modern communication platform. In addition, further content services from the d.velop platform complement transport companies – whether in contract management, invoice processing or document management.

Shipping industry

In the shipping industry, strict schedules require optimized process management and a high level of information capability. To meet these constantly growing requirements, d.velop offers you the appropriate document management system (DMS) and other specialized solutions to ensure that you always stay on the right course. For inspection and on-board operations, for instance, the digital ship file is a valuable aid when dealing with receipts, certificates and technical drawings. All documents of a ship can be scanned into the ship file and are immediately available. The d.velop ship file provides information on land or on board about technical details, ordering processes and mail traffic with ships or simply controls the document flow in the company.

Rail freight transport

Rail freight transport is the second most common method of long-distance inland transport. Nowadays, the advantages are mainly to be seen in terms of environmental and transport policy aspects, in order to relieve the long-distance road network more than before. Companies rely on rail freight transport, especially for larger transport volumes. With increased order volumes, it is therefore even more important for the service provider to handle all commercial processes internally and with external stakeholders quickly, easily and digitally. Finding transport documents and shipping documents with just one click, automating invoices or digitally managing and signing logistics contracts – all this is possible with the d.velop platform.

Air traffic

Goods are often transported by aircraft for high-value and time-sensitive goods such as machines, spare parts, high-tech products, vehicle parts or paintings. This is a high value of goods that must be protected during transport. In this respect, the contractual provisions between the freight forwarder and the customer are very sensitive and require a smooth process. Digital contract management, including digital signatures, can remedy. All stakeholders involved can therefore handle contract negotiations quickly, easily and completely digitally. In addition, a document management system or automated invoice processing are also suitable solutions for logistics companies in the air transport sector.

Fiege Logistics Truck

Success Story

FIEGE digitalizes its customer processes

As a European market leader in the logistics sector, FIEGE has set itself the goal of making its processes and data easily available to its customers, regardless of time and place. With the help of a document management solution, the company has found a transparent solution.

As a provider of logistical services, we’ve been focused on document management and package tracking for quite a while now. We have been using d.3ecm in our invoicing department for several years to archive incoming and outgoing invoices with SAP/FI. We already had a tracking and tracing solution in place.

Torsten Gronemann
Document Management Project Manager
FIEGE group
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Digital document management explained

Digitalization and networking are slowly but surely becoming the revolution of the twenty-first century. Businesses in particular are feeling the pressure of digital transformation, with a push toward standardized business processes and the associated cost savings that can be achieved.

document management system (DMS) is the first and most important step toward the digital transformation of your company. In our white paper, we show you how a digital document management system can help you make a smooth and easy transition into digitization.

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