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The employee app for internal communication and collaboration

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Use your own app to engage with employees, service providers and partners, strengthening your connection with each.

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Information exactly where it is needed

Mail, chat, employee newsletter, notices – are these terms familiar to you? Due to the great variety of communication channels, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employees, service providers or partners to quickly obtain information and news from the company.

This is where your new app comes into play: with the employee app from d.velop, it is child’s play to make all the desired information available to everyone involved, regardless of time and place.

  • 52 % of all employees do not have a computer at work.
  • 56 M. Germans are already using a smartphone in 2021, and the trend is rising.
  • 0.68 Trees per year printed by a single employee on average.

The d.velop employee app – Your business app

We offer all employees the use of the company’s own employee app both on the company or private smartphone and tablet and as a web application. This gives employees the opportunity to access a central information channel. Within the employee app, a great deal of information is available at a glance. Internal processes can also be accelerated thanks to the app.

The lowest common digital denominator

More than 89% of the population in Germany use smartphones, whether for private or business purposes. Rely on corporate communication and self-services via app.

With the employee app from d.velop, you create a central, mobile touchpoint for organisational communication. The integrated self-services simplify many internal processes in the company – ordering food, for example. Click, select, pay – done.

Through the app, you easily integrate the different groups of people such as employees, members, service providers, customers or partner companies into the internal and external communication of your company or organisation.

LKW der Greiwing logistics for you GmbH

The d.velop employee app in use at GREIWING logistics for you GmbH

Working with the d.velop employee app simplifies processes at GREIWING logistics for you GmbH. Via the app, employees can directly document damage reports and forward them to the fleet management. Information management for drivers via the app also makes everyday work much easier.

“d.velop is one of three pillars of the digitalisation strategy of GREIWING logistics for you GmbH,” Matthias Gehrigk, member of the management board, describes the partnership-based cooperation between the two companies.

Communication as the key to success:

The d.velop company chat

Strengthen your communication and thus increase your business capability. The chat function of the d.velop employee app ensures a truly secure communication channel. Put an end to private messenger groups and co. It’s time for your business chat.

dvelop employee app mobile screen

Data protection and security come first

d.velop attaches great importance to the security of your data. That is why this aspect is always at the forefront of our actions. The d.velop employee app is law-compliant and is hosted in a German data centre – in accordance with German data protection law. The app can also be installed on the private devices of employees or partners and data protection is still maintained.

Of course, you can also run the app from your own data centre if you wish.

  • Access exclusively via SSL
  • Software certification according to IDW PS880
  • ISO-certified data centre
  • Asymmetric (double) encryption possible
  • The server locations are operated exclusively in German territory
  • No user tracking and reading of the smartphone
  • Made and safe in Germany

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    An own d.velop app is needed! This should, first of all, contribute to our culture of agile cooperation, secondly, to the desire to provide all colleagues equally with all necessary information and thirdly, to offer them a means of mutual communication.

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    Who doesn’t know it, the classic “hallway chat.” An open and good internal communication culture leads to increased employee satisfaction in companies of all sizes. Always being informed about news, changes and trends is essential for the successful staff employment.

  • Digital leave application

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    This probably sounds familiar: Your employee is planning an eagerly anticipated holiday. But then he remembers that he still has to fill out a leave application and send it to you for approval – on paper no less! This means: print out the form, fill in and sign the application, scan it and send it to you.

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