DMS for medium-sized businesses

Digitization for medium-sized businesses

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Experience how you can digitally manage, organize, and store content within the company – from Document Management Software (DMS) to digital signatures.

  • Better information management
  • Meeting compliance requirements
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Digitalization for medium-sized businesses

Seizing the opportunities of digitalization.
Securing market shares.
Exploring new markets.

Not only in large companies, but also in medium-sized businesses, the volume and density of information are constantly increasing. The ability to manage precisely this information, ensure fast and location-independent access, and link processes together decisively determines the competitiveness of companies in the middle market. Only companies that manage to automate routine tasks and thus reduce costs will have the time to explore new markets.

Nevertheless, many potentials of digitization in medium-sized businesses remain untapped. According to a recent Bitkom study, compared to larger companies, where 96% rely on document management software, only 47% of medium-sized businesses work with such an application. However, the positive aspect is that nearly 30% are planning investments and want to actively shape the digital transformation.

  • 47 % of companies in the medium-sized sector work with document management software.
  • 30 % of companies in the medium-sized sector are planning investments in professional software.
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DMS Webinar

Digital document management in the cloud


In just 45 minutes, learn how to kickstart your digitalization process and support homeworking with a document management system that can be subscribed to at the touch of a button.

This webinar will show you how to intelligently accelerate, simplify and optimize the way you manage documents and information in your company using d.velop documents.

You’ll see a live demo of the solution, gain insight into the individual functions, and get to know the benefits as we together explore specific use cases.

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Document Management System

Documents where you need them.

On the way to a paperless office, our document management system creates the appropriate foundation. Say goodbye to manual file storage, document management, and unstructured file folders. Access information faster, make better decisions, and free up time for what matters.

Once the first step is taken, you can easily expand your document management system at the click of a button!

Schoeller Textil AG manages millions of documents with d.velop products

“A document management system is a no-brainer” – this is what Ruedi Kühne, CFO of Schoeller Textil AG in Switzerland, says. As of today, several million documents are managed with the help of d.velop products. In many areas, Schoeller Textil AG does not keep any paper anymore. Whether accounts payable or accounts receivable, supplier or production documents or customer dossiers: Everything is now stored in a structured way and can be found at will via search queries.

Digital Invoice Processing

This is what you can expect.

Processing a paper invoice costs an average of 10-12€. In this process, 0.5% of all invoices are lost, and it can take up to 14 days to review and approve an invoice. With our digital invoice processing software, you can digitize the entire invoice workflow in your company. This leads to shorter processing times, reduced transaction costs, and immediately increased discount revenues.

Accounts Payable Processing – Cost-Effective. Secure. Accessible Everywhere.

d.velop invoices - invoice data

Do you want to give the digital transformation your own personal touch?

We are happy to accompany you on this journey. Simply contact us to get started.