Digital Invoice Processing

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Digital Invoice Processing

The manual entry of invoices arriving in your company not only takes up an enormous amount of time for you and your employees, but also has high cost. For example, due to long waiting and processing times, cash discounts can’t be taken. That’s not all: a lack of transparency who currently handles each invoice further complicates processes, resulting in latencies and delays. You can easily simplify the invoice processing in your company with a digital solution: digital invoice processing.

Regardless of whether invoices arrive in your company by post or electronically, e.g. by email, the complete invoice workflow can be mapped digitally – improving the whole process of handling invoices.

No digital invoice processing in use?

This costs companies time, money and nerves:

  • 14 days can take to check/release a paper invoice.
  • 11 EUR is the cost of processing a paper invoice.
  • 0.5 % of all paper invoices get lost.

The most important features of digital invoice processing at a glance

Simplify and automate your invoice processing workflow – from invoice receipt to invoice workflow to revision-proof archiving.

Invoice receipt: Import via flexible input channels

In digital form, such as an X-invoice or in ZUGFeRD format, it is fully automated and transferred to the software.

Invoice receipt as a function of digital invoice processing

Invoice recognition: reading and extraction of data.

All relevant information such as header, footer, and item data is automatically read from the invoice and is available anytime and anywhere. Manual typing and data transfer are a thing of the past.

AI based invoice recognition data extraction

Data verification: Visual check with AI support

After recognition, the extracted data is available for verification and editing. Users are supported by artificial intelligence (AI), which learns independently from the inputs on a continuous basis. This makes the software increasingly intelligent over time and steadily increases recognition rates.

visual check and editing
d.velop employees are reading a white paper


Make your invoice process an enjoyable, digital experience –  Cloud-based

Everything that can be automated, must be automated!

Invoice processing is a great example. Manual invoice processing drains you of valuable resources like energy, time, money, and the ability to focus on more meaningful work. Yet the whole process can be seamlessly digitalized. Let the machines do the heavy lifting for you! 

d.velop invoice processing software can:

  • be directly integrated into your ERP, accounting, or merchandise software
  • process all invoices arriving via different channels (e-mail or post)
  • correctly extract data, sort and classify all invoices
  • set up workflows for verification, approval, and posting

The invoice workflow: checking, approving and booking

Both the digital approval workflow and the conditions for each (checking) step can be customized according to your requirements – design approval processes according to your rules.

digital invoice processing invoice workflow checking, approving and bookingg

Seamless integration into existing systems

The digital invoice processing seamlessly integrates into your existing systems (ERP, accounting, and warehouse management) and is directly linked to your procurement and accounting processes.

The digital invoice processing seamlessly integrates into existing systems

Revision-proof Archiving: Keeping all Invoices in Sight

The booked invoices are stored in a revision-proof digital archive and can be found at any time and from any location. Access is controlled through individual authorization structures.

The booked invoices are stored in a revision-proof digital archive

Seamless integration of digital invoice processing

d.velop’s digital invoice processing is directly linked to your accounting department and thus fully integrated into your ordering and accounting processes. It digitizes and automates both the reading and processing of all incoming invoices. It thus ensures that all invoice processes are handled as simply, quickly and transparently as possible: from the factual invoice verification to the release and final account assignment. And all this according to the requirements of the GoBD.

Is Microsoft SharePoint set as a strategic platform in your company?
Then simply expand your SharePoint with electronic invoice processing made especially for SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Customers relying on our Invoice Processing Solution

Fond of Bags

Every bill got a stamp. Each one was brought through the whole office. With a processing time of five to ten minutes, a few working hours can be added up. That was an extremely time-consuming and manual process. We wanted to simplify that.

Tobias Kaus
Software and IT expert
Fond of Bags

Parador GmbH

Invoice processing lowers costs, improves the ability to provide information and, thanks to more efficient processing, ultimately leads to faster closing.

Günter Winkler
Head of IT
Parador GmbH

Software in use

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This is how you benefit:

  • Thoroughly proven standard solution
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing ERP/financial accounting systems
  • Provides immediate access to ERP/FA data or export files (e.g. databases, CSV)
  • Possible to pass on data to financial accounting for direct booking
  • Dual control principle
  • Reduced error rates thanks to automatic duplicate check
  • Freely configurable, multi-level approval procedures
  • Low training requirements
  • Shorter processing cycles and no transport or idle times
  • Process expenditure can be reduced by up to 75%
  • Results in valuable discounts and facilitates the timely preparation of monthly statements

Do you want to see for yourself what our invoice processing solution looks like or do you have any questions?

Request a free demo of d.velop software.