ECM integrated in IBM Notes

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All information and processes at a central location.

Centralized technology makes your life easier

d.velop ECM seamlessly integrates with your IBM Notes infrastructure. The entire business logic is handled centrally in d.velop ECM. All that changes is a small widget added to the right sidebar of the IBM Notes client. This is done automatically based on IBM Domino standards.

Following installation, you are seamlessly connected to d.velop ECM. No manual configuration of the IBM integration tool is required. The IBM integration component of d.velop ECM also reduces the load of your IBM Notes client. Any access to archived IBM Notes/Domino objects is handled by a small d.velop service in IBM Domino.

Seamlessly Connected

Consider the common scenario of a business partner who has an urgent question or requires a document ASAP. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search for the associated project record directly in Notes and then e-mail the document in one go?

E-mail is a key business tool used every day. Some e-mails may contain information directed just at you, while others may be connected to a larger business process. In the latter case, quick accessibility for all parties involved is a crucial prerequisite. You are the only person who can decide which process each e-mail is associated with and for whom it is relevant.

The IBM integration solution enables you to search for the corresponding digital records stored in the d.velop ECM directly in your Notes interface and then drag and drop the e-mail there in mere seconds. As an option, you can assign additional meta data to the e-mail to help your colleagues find this information based on a quick keyword search.

Whenever you need to make a business-related decision, a corresponding task is delivered to your mailbox. You can then open the processing form directly in your Notes client, immediately view the process and decide on what needs to be done. Of course, you can also launch business processes directly from within Notes.

  • Convenient operation using familiar IT tools.
  • Access to all corporate information.
  • Simple, central archiving.
  • Directly process workflow tasks.
  • Rapidly launch business processes.

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