Document management system (EDMS)

Intelligent document management system

Organise, edit, share, sign and store content whilst streamlining work and reducing costs with d.velop’s document management system.

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Save time, money, and hassle with a Document Management System

Documents used to be received via mail and then distributed to departments to be filed away. Many businesses now operate with remote teams, so documents must be distributed quickly and efficiently. d.velop’s Document Management System (DMS) streamlines everything from scanning to archiving, making sure your team can access the documents they need, wherever they are. All relevant information can be found in yourDMS and can be processed there.

  • 700 GBP per year on average by each employee, at 8p per printed page.
  • 1.8 hours spent every day by employees searching and gathering information
  • 4.5 Trees each person in the UK will use just under 4.5 trees per year.

DMS functions at a glance

You work significantly more productively with a document management system (DMS). Discover the diverse DMS functions.

Automated capture and digitization of documents

The recognition function ensures that documents are digitized and classified.

  • Quick capture of paper documents in seconds
  • Immediate recognition and classification thanks to OCR
dms function document recognition feature

Easy document filing

Whether through digital inbox or manually via drag & drop, all documents can be easily filed.

  • Central structure in digital files
  • Standardized file plans
dms function filing feature

Collaborative document editing

Collaborate even better as a team with collaboration tools:

  • Share documents with external parties
  • Work time- and location-independent
dms function collaboration feature

EDMS White Paper

Document management explained simply

What should document management software be able to do? And what are the advantages of implementing it? Find out in 20 pages.

Contents of the whitepaper

  • Understanding digital document management
  • An overview of the 7 most important functions
  • Step-by-step guide to implementing a EDMS

Compliant document archiving

Digital document archiving ensures legally compliant archives.

  • Archiving in compliance with GoBD (German Principles of Proper Computerized Accounting and Retention of Records)
  • Certified according to IDW PS880
  • Revision security
dms function archiving feature

Quick document search and retrieval

Thanks to Enterprise Search, you can find information with just one click.

  • Instant availability of knowledge
  • Real-time enterprise-wide search
dms function enterprise search feature

Mapping of digital business processes with workflows

Drive process digitization with digital workflows.

  • Automation of standard procedures
  • Easy implementation through no/low-code approach
dms workflows feature

EDMS Webinar

Document management out of the box – Kick-start your digitalization

Watch the webinar and discover in just 45 minutes how to get started with digitalizing your organization. See how easy it is to use a document management system in the cloud. Book a system and get started within minutes!


  1. Challenges in modern document management
  2. d.velop documents – the document management system out of the box
  3. Demonstration of the EDMS software
    Booking and onboarding, insight into the individual functions, and concrete usage scenarios based on practical examples

Connect your existing systems with the d.velop DMS

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms attests to d.velop’s strong integration expertise – whether it’s ERP, CRM, or other leading applications. Below are the most popular integrations among our customers. Simply click to learn more!

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  • GWS is a certified d.velop partner based in Münster, Germany.
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  • Herzon Kitchens AG relies on DMS in the cloud

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    “We consciously decided to deploy the DMS in the cloud. Our costs are demand-based and dependent on the actual use of the services. In addition, we can relieve our IT resources and now take care of our core business with more focus.”

  • Digital central archive at Oberschwabenklinik

    reference oberschabenklinik success story

    “Digitalization costs money at first, but it saves considerable resources in the long run. In hospitals, digitization always means streamlining the resources, which are notoriously scarce in the healthcare sector, more specifically to patient care.”

  • Cloud migration in record time at Schmitz Cargobull AG

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    “We are able to reduce the administrative effort we previously had to invest in our IT infrastructure and get added flexibility and scalability. Schmitz Cargobull pursues a clear cloud strategy to increase performance and efficiency through system migration.”

How to work with our
document management system

WebClient & mobile App

Whether your employees work from the office or from home, it no longer matters with d.velop documents. In their daily work, your users use our web-based client to access documents and processes. All you need is an internet connection.

Via our mobile app, you can access all functions of your EDMS at any time and from anywhere. Documents can be viewed, edited, or released, and processes can be handled just as fast as they are in the office. All in a completely secure environment.

d.velop document management dms dashboard screenshot

Prices at a glance:
Document management the way you want it

You have the choice: d.velop documents can be operated “on-premises,” through a hybrid option, or completely without hardware in the cloud. Just hit start and test d.velop documents 30 days completely free of charge and risk-free. You can find d.velop documents in the d.velop store, and if you decide to use d.velop documents after 30 days, you can choose from one of the following price plans:

graphic extension dms d.velop platform

Holistic digitization in the company

Benefit from the d.velop platform

A document management system provides the ideal entry point into digitization. Expand your DMS with other helpful products from d.velop. Embrace holistic digitization to leave behind manual processes that cost your employees valuable time across your entire organization.

Frequently asked questions about document management

What does DMS mean?

DMS is the abbreviation for document management system. DMS software refers to a solution that enables automated and holistic management of documents and information. A DMS is database-driven, which enables high accessibility and secure archiving of documents within an organization.

How does the document management system d.velop documents work?

A document management system replaces paper files and digital drive structures. Efforts in administrative activities are minimized through the use of digital files, intelligent search in full text, and potential for collaboration. Standardized processes, such as sick leave and vacation requests, can be easily automated and made transparent. Basically, a DMS reduces work, makes it more efficient, and promotes productivity. For a comprehensive look, we recommend the article on document management in our digitization wiki.

What are d.velop documents?

d.velop documents is a document management system. With it, you no longer have to manually maintain a digital filing system, but instead have your documents sorted into digital files by a clever algorithm. Instead of memorizing directory paths, you will get to the desired documents in a flash with an intelligent search function. You can also store e-mails, attachments, images, and other file types here. Workflows automate, standardize, and accelerate recurring processes. A document management system is a smart choice for getting started with digitization and can become the hub of information flow in your company. We would be happy to show you exactly what a DMS looks like in use, without any obligation, in a personal appointment to help familiarize yourself with it.

What are the integrations?

We have a wide range of integrations and, via an open REST API, the ability to connect even highly customized solutions: whether they be CRM providers, HR software, ERP systems, email clients, and collaboration tools. A few of the most common integrations are SAP, IBM, Microsoft 365 solutions, and Salesforce. We have summarized more information for you on our interfaces page.

Is there an interface to Salesforce?

We have created a connection that links Salesforce and d.velop documents. For example, Salesforce employees can call up and edit documents without having to leave their familiar CRM environment.

Is there an interface to SAP?

For SAP users, we have an application that seamlessly integrates our DMS with SAP. This means you can access and edit your documents from the familiar SAP application interface. You also benefit from the certainty that all documents are archived in an audit-proof manner. We offer various applications for SAP, whether DMS, invoice processing, or procurement processes – all from a single source.

What are the costs for a DMS?

The costs for a DMS at d.velop are made up of different factors. The type of provision and the number of users with their respective requirements of functions are two essential pillars here. We would be pleased to submit you a personalized offer. For an orientation within our cloud application, you will find our current editions and prices in the d.velop store.

What is the d3 DMS?

d.3ecm is the old product name for d.velop documents, our document management system. Whether you are on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid operation – d.velop documents is your reliable companion in all deployment forms.


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