Document Management with d.velop

Simplify and accelerate the administration of documents in your company with a document management system (DMS) by d.velop.

What is a document management system?

To begin with, a document management system is responsible for the handling of documents in a company. This includes the methods, instructions and processes for administration, control, storage and destruction of documents.

For us, document management means to intelligently speed up, simplify and optimize the administration of documents and information. To ensure this, our customers count on d.velop software in the form of a document management system (DMS). Such a document management system should meet two major requirements for the transition to a paperless office at your company.

Intelligent document receipt and audit-compliant archiving

Infographic - Intelligent processing and archiving

Documents used to arrive at the company by mail and were then distributed to the different departments and filed in folders, but now this process has been automated and digitized thanks to a document management system – from scanning to archiving. Manual filing, records management and unstructured folders are history.

Centralized access to information and documents in a single system

All information relevant to the user is found in the DMS and can be edited there. This is made possible by the seamless integration of third-party systems such as SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce.

For example, a user will find information on customers, invoices, offers and contracts in the document management system with only a few clicks.

d.velop document management from the cloud
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  • Structured storage in the customer context
  • Permanent availability of all documents
  • Search by keywords, metadata and full text
  • Quick access to old documents
  • Partnership at eye level
  • Full cost control in the cloud

Document management in the cloud

The benefits of a document management system at a glance

Icon intelligent document storage

Intelligent storage

Separate new documents after scanning with the help of AI and automatically assign them to the right context. Structuring in standard file plans based on categories and metadata within the business context grants your users direct access.

Icon document search

Fast search

On the desktop or mobile. Online or offline. With d.velop software you are sure to find any document using keywords, metadata, full text and faceting. Using the enterprise search functionalities, you will find all information company-wide.

Icon - collaboration

Comprehensive collaboration

Once stored, you edit documents directly in the location they have been saved. Always revise the most recent version of a document thanks to versioning, leave notes and even share documents externally on request.

Icon Central Information

Central information location

With numerous standardized data interfaces and the option to connect additional repositories to the DMS via the d.velop REST API, it becomes the central hub for documents and content with a wide variety of file formats from CRM, ERP and merchandise management systems.

Icon - Archiving

Archiving compliant with legal requirements

d.velop document management software provides the basis for audit-compliant storage with comprehensive functions regarding transparency, completeness, accuracy, timeliness, organization and immutability.

Icon Digital Processes

Digital business processes

Digital documents provide the basis for digital processes. Use d.velop to create your own workflows, supporting your business processes. From simple requests for time off to travel expense reports to invoicing workflows – anything is possible.

Live – Webinar | 19.08.2020 | 11 am CEST Document management out of the box – Kick-start your digitalization

Register for the webinar and discover in just 45 minutes how to get started with digitalizing your organization. See how easy it is to use a document management system in the cloud. Book a system and get started within minutes!

Learn in the webinar how to effectively manage, accelerate and simplify the way you work with documents and information in your organization using d.velop documents.

d.velop documents: The business software for intelligent information management in organizations of all sizes out of the box

Document management with a system
Accelerate and simplify the handling of documents in your company. d.velop documents offers you an easy start into the digitalization of your document management.

Consistently digital document management
Put an end to the manual filing, document management, and unstructured file folders. d.velop documents helps you to store documents in a structured way in their respective context.

Legally compliant archiving
d.velop documents creates with extensive functions in the areas of traceability, completeness, correctness, timeliness, order, and unchangeability – the basis for audit-proof storage.

d.velop documents software interface

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