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Manage business information easily in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Business Central & Sales

Make Microsoft Dynamics 365 with d.velop the central hub for all of your information

Dynamics 365 is a suite of Microsoft business applications that customers can use to manage their entire company intelligently – from sales and marketing to service and operations. The central components are the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM business applications.

Together with d.velop products for secure document management, you make Dynamics 365 the central hub for all information. You have direct access to all documents and records related to customers and suppliers without leaving your leading application.

We seamlessly integrate with the following Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications with our document management and invoice processing products. Thereby you have the free choice whether you use d.velop or Microsoft 365 as storage location for your data.

formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV

formerly Microsoft AX

formerly Microsoft CRM

d.velop connect for Microsoft Dynamics

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics?

d.velop connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Without the right support tools, it can be very difficult to find all the information that a company knows about a customer. Bring time-consuming searches to an end with d.velop connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enhance customer engagement!

d.velop connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Finance and Operations

Start by finding out how to begin with your company-wide information center – integrated, secure, simple, and intuitive.

d.velop connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Or would you rather know how to integrate your data with CRM systems? Access and view archived data within its actual context – directly from Dynamics CRM.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365? That’s what we know best.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is in daily use at d.velop AG.


Many of d.velop’s numerous customers depend on Microsoft 365 technologies. Just like us.


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d.velop products for Dynamics 365 are certified by Microsoft.

Our products for
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manage documents

Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance & Operations and Sales.

Accelerate, simplify, and optimize the management of your information by efficiently managing documents such as receipts from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our document management system. 

In doing so, you are free to choose whether you use d.velop or Microsoft 365 as the storage location for your data. Learn more about our two products here: 

Manage invoices

Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations.

With the help of our digital invoice processing, you can streamline and simplify your processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – starting with the scanning of invoices, AI-based recognition and approval workflow all connected to Dynamics 365. 

In doing so, you are free to choose whether you use d.velop or Microsoft 365 as the storage location for your data. Learn more about our two products here: 



  • Logical 360° view on business-critical information that you need within a given business context, such as
    • customers and suppliers
    • sales and purchase orders
    • projects, products and contracts
    • employees, cases and topics
  • Easy-to understand navigation that unifies content in relation to the right business context
  • Provide a consistent user experience by standardising access to content through consistent terminology and navigation (file plan structure)


  • Effortless classification of content
  • Metadata is automatically applied from the D365 business context where the document was dropped
  • Document types (= content types) are determined automatically from the context

Drive Business Excellence

  • Deliver the relevant information for the right business context, as well as document management and collaboration functionality, directly to the employee’s favourite applications
    • ERP, such as SAP and Dynamics 365
    • CRM, such as Salesforce and Dynamics 365
    • Outlook, Office, Teams
    and other lines of business applications


  • Automatic consolidation of documents from different key business applications to break down information silos
  • Bring together structured and unstructured content belonging to the same business process or task in one view irrespective of its origin
    • D365, SharePoint, Outlook, Office, scanned documents, file share, other business applications
  • Manage all business-critical content in SharePoint as your strategic point for information management and governance

Webinar: Your Dynamics 365 Hand in Hand with d.velop’s document management

Learn more about d.velops solution for Dynamics 365

In this 25-minute webcast, Garth McCown shows IT-decision-makers and key users an approach to reducing information silos and accelerating processes in your organization based on the existing tools Dynamics 365 (BC, F&O, Sales), Teams and SharePoint Online. 

What to expect:

  • Challenges in your daily business
  • Our approach to cover those challenges
  • Live Demo
  • Benefits

Your benefits

Improve Productivity

  • Get significantly faster access to the necessary documents for the task at hand 
  • Save time by not needlessly switching between business applications to find information 
  • Collaborate with your team independent from the location 

Increase Employee Satisfaction

  • Free up time for value added tasks 
  • Simplify the handling of content in information-driven processes 
  • Deliver the right information directly to the employee’s favourite applications by using document management and collaboration functionality  

Drive Business Excellence

  • Enable seamless business processes unconstrained by the typical boundaries imposed by information silos 
  • Focus on work that really delivers value by eliminating cumbersome tasks 
  • Improve collaboration and provide outstanding visibility on business-critical information 

Achieve Your Strategic Goals

  • Unlock more ROI from existing key business applications  
  • Operate better integrated systems 
  • Implement strong information governance with a strategic, centralised place for information 
  • Improve customer experience with an outstanding level of responsiveness 

Want to get started immediately?

If you already use any of the following three d.velop systems, along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations or Dynamics 365 Sales, you can get started at once:

  • The d.velop cloud document management system: d.velop documents (business/ultimate)
  • A locally operated d.velop document management system
  • The d.velop document management system for Microsoft SharePoint: d.velop documents for Microsoft 365

Experience and benefit from the powerful combination of document management and ERP by ordering our integration via the d.velop store.

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