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The electronic personnel file

The electronic personnel file from d.velop digitizes and automates your personnel processes, ensuring greater transparency. It also digitizes all your personnel documents – from applications to salary negotiations and pay slips to doctor’s notes – and speeds up your HR processes.

The electronic personnel file improves your ability to provide information and, thanks to its configurable authorization allocation system, ensures that only authorized persons can access your personnel documents.

All of this helps to ensure that your file folder system is up to date and can be viewed by authorized persons at all times. At the same time, the solution prevents file folders from getting lost or tampered with in any way. As well as being a great benefit in itself, this also significantly reduces your admin costs.

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  • High transparency for personnel processes
  • Access and authorization management for personnel information
  • Better provision of information
  • Ensures compliance with all retention periods and legal data privacy guidelines
  • Overview of tasks and work steps thanks to resubmissions
  • Clear, intuitive interface
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A secure solution

Electronic personnel files provide 256-bit AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard). They also come with a:

  • full-text indexing for all documents
  • a clear and secure authorization structure
  • temporary transfer of authorization
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Recognizing needs, expanding functions

In conjunction with other d.velop solutions, such as digital contract management, you can expand the range of functions of your electronic personnel file. We customize it to suit your needs at any time using additional modules.

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Cross-location access to personnel files

Using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can access and edit your electronic personnel archive and documents from anywhere you like.

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Comprehensive and legally compliant

The solution from d.velop takes care of the workflow-optimized automation of all your personnel-related processes and archives all your scanned documents. From contracts to doctor’s notes – all documents are saved in a central location. It replicates your storage structures exactly in the digital file plan. It also guarantees convenient access to file folders by means of simple search functions, and tracks down file folders that have been stored in the wrong locations.

What’s more, it does it all confidentially and with full legal compliance – thanks to the strict, automated adherence to all retention periods, legal data protection guidelines, archiving obligations and prescribed erasure deadlines in accordance with GoBD or SOX requirements.

And thanks to automated resubmission and task management, you’ll never forget tasks or work steps again.

Custom search functions ensure that all the details of all your file folders can be brought up in a matter of seconds, even if they haven’t been touched for years. This saves you time.

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