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Bye bye, ballpointAdd digital signatures to documents on the go.

The ways we manage and process documents have been almost completely digitalized. But even so, now and again we still have to break out those ballpoints in the same way we used to. It takes time – as the boss or whoever is responsible has to still sign legally binding documents by hand. And that’ll be on paper, too, right? This switching between media is an error-prone annoyance and better off avoided. The solution: electronic signatures.

It’s a rare thing when legislation moves faster than evolving business practices. But in this case, that’s exactly what’s happened: digital signatures have been legally recognized across Europe since July 2016, when the introduction of eIDAS standardized various e-signature regulations across Europe. The legal framework for integrating electronic signing into business processes is there. What are you waiting for?

50 %

of companies print documents only because they need signing.

28.50 €

is the average cost of a printed contract.

60 %

of companies submit contracts on paper.

Fast and easy e-signatures

No hardware, no hidden costs. Just book the service via the store and you’re ready to go!

d.velop sign is a trend-setting technology you can deploy right away – without any additional implementation, installation, or hardware expenses. Get started with digital signing. Always ready for you – wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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d.velop sign – our digital signature plans

Our digital signature plans have been compiled based on customer feedback – providing you with the scope and flexibility you need.

electronic-signature more secure than paper

Safer than paper
Documents are encrypted and meet the highest security and data protection standards.

electronic signature more efficient

Better efficiency and productivity
Minimize the time it takes to process documents and complete contracts faster.

electronic signature reduce costs

Reduce your costs
Save on paper, printing, and other costs with paperless transactions.

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Put down your pens… forever!
Digital signatures – the end of paper-based processes.

Digital signing is a key component in the development of new and flexible approaches to work. There are also concerted efforts to promote and expand support for these continuous, digital work processes.

Read our white paper to learn how you can digitalize every aspect of your business and get everything running smoothly, without the dependency on printers, pens, and paper. After all – what’s the point in digital documents if you’re still having to print and sign them?

Integrations of the electronic signature

API & integration

Sharepoint, Salesforce, Dynamics, and more – integrate electronic signatures using our extensive API, adapted to your specific needs.

Every user can use digital signing – as standard. You get everything you need in one place, making provider management so much easier.

electronic signature software security

German-made security

Security as standard.

Digital signature by d.velop is currently one of the few German-made alternatives to the large US-dominated market for electronic signing services. For many companies, data protection issues following the collapse of the EU-US Privacy Shield framework make American providers and US-linked companies an absolute no-no.
d.velop cares about your peace of mind in an uncertain environment. That’s your data is only ever stored in certified data centers in Germany for maximum security.

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  • Sales contracts
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  • Quotes

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  • Supplier contracts
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  • Orders

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  • Annual reports
  • Audit reports
  • Record keeping

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Management & HR

  • Minutes of board meetings
  • Temporary employment contracts
  • NDAs
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Webinar: Sign documents digitally – anywhere and anytime with d.velop sign

In every company many documents, contracts, or other papers have to be signed every day. And this is usually even by several employees. Instead of continuing to do this manually and paper-based, you should introduce a digital solution in your company: d.velop sign. 

Discover in our webinar in just 30 minutes why you should introduce a digital signature in your company.

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Find out more about the electronic signature

The electronic signature – FAQs

Still have unanswered questions? No problem. This section contains some common questions and the answers to them.

What exactly is the eIDAS regulation?

The eIDAS regulation (eIDAS stands for “Electronic Identification And Trust Services”) is a regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the 28 member states of the European Union. eIDAS is a real legal innovation with a stated purpose of promoting the development of digital applications throughout Europe. The cornerstone of this general legislation, the “Vertrauensdienstegesetz” (German federal trust services legislation), includes all the necessary provisions for the use of digital signatures and supersedes the existing national legislation on signatures. The new EU regulation allows for a new, simplified procedure for electronic signatures. The components for creating the signature are not stored on a card, but in a secure IT environment provided by a qualified trust service provider (previously referred to as a trust center). You can also provide your electronic signature remotely using mobile end devices or smartphones, for instance.

What new features does eIDAS offer for electronic signatures?

The eIDAS regulation simplifies current signature procedures through the introduction of remote signing. An electronic signature can be provided using mobile devices including smartphones or tablets, with no need for a signature card and reader. In this new procedure, the user’s private signature key is stored on a high-security server (hardware security module) provided by the qualified trust service provider (previously known as trust centers). The qualified signature itself is generated by the user using two factor authentication (TAN-SMS).

What is a trust service provider?

According to eIDAS regulation, article 3 (16), a trust service is an electronic service normally provided for remuneration which consists of: the creation, verification, and validation of electronic signatures, electronic seals or electronic time stamps and the verification and validation of certificates for website authentication. A qualified trust service is a trust service that meets the applicable requirements of eIDAS regulation, article 3 (17) and that is audited in a complex procedure by an accredited conformity assessment body every two years, with the result reported to the responsible supervisory authority (the German Federal Network Agency or BSI). The organization’s status as a qualified trust service provider is verifiable throughout Europe thanks to a trusted list and quality seal. The German trusted list is available on the Federal Network Agency website: The Bundesdruckerei is a qualified trust service provider for signatures, seals, time stamps and website certificates.

What types of electronic signature are available?

The eIDAS regulation defines three different types of signature – standard, advanced and qualified. They are all different forms of electronic signature that are legally binding and are each suitable for very different areas of application. Using d.velop sign enables you to use all the signature levels of the eIDAS regulation, from standard to advanced to qualified electronic remote signatures. The latter fulfill the requirement of the written form and have the same legal effect as a handwritten signature.

Does d.velop sign fulfill the legal requirements of the eIDAS regulation?

d.velop works with the trust service provider Bundesdruckerei, which fulfills and safeguards the eIDAS requirements. Bundesdruckerei is verified through extensive auditing by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH and listed by the German Federal Network Agency in its national eIDAS trusted list. d.velop sign is a fully eIDAS-compliant German remote signature solution that makes it easy to utilize these services. Whether you are managing contracts, assigning credit, participating in public tenders or signing important hospital forms: the remote signature solution from d.velop sign lets you electronically process all your paper-based company processes immediately – simple, convenient, legally secure and EU-wide.

How do I provide my signature with d.velop sign?

d.velop sign covers the entire process of providing an electronic remote signature. After uploading the document to be signed to the d.velop sign solution, you authenticate yourself with Bundesdruckerei (with your user name and password) and then approve the mobile signature through the TAN-SMS that you receive. For the signature, the document itself is not transmitted, but only the hash value of the document. The signed hash value is then linked to the document via d.velop sign. One advantage of this is that the original document is always securely retained by the customer.

Can d.velop sign be used throughout the world?

d.velop sign can be used anywhere in the world. If there are special national requirements for countries outside the EU that are not covered by the trust services as per eIDAS, you can involve other trust service providers from these countries into the process (for example, Swisscom in Switzerland).