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Successfully manage contracts with
Contract Management software

Contracts form the basis of any business relationship. The number of contractual agreements with suppliers and customers is continuously increasing. However, not all contracts are the same – each team and department within a company creates, discusses, concludes, and manages contracts with individual challenges. A digital contract management solution can offer the following benefits:

  • Transparency: Have a comprehensive view of all contracts and never miss a deadline again
  • Efficiency: Speed up the contract creation, editing, and evaluation processes
  • Security: Eliminate the risk of losing contracts and enable cross-department collaboration

No Contract Management in use?

This leads to the following problems in companies:

  • 10 % of the contracts cannot be found after filing.
  • 40 % of the contract value is not realized.
  • 5900 EUR is the cost of signing a contract.

The key features of the d.velop contract management software

Digital contract management offers many benefits, from fast search and deadline management to contract creation in everyday work with contracts.

Fast search: Find contracts instantly

Using the search bar in the dashboard, contracts are searched and found within seconds. Contract information such as the subject matter of the contract, contract properties, or the location of the contracting party are utilized for this purpose.

Contract quick search

Advanced search: Easily compare and evaluate contracts

The advanced search allows for detailed analysis and comparison of contracts: simply select the type of contract, set filter criteria, and evaluate contracts.

Contract compare evaluate

Deadline management: Never miss a termination deadline again

With the deadline manager, the duration and termination deadline can be stored. Additionally, an automatic notification can be set up based on a specified notification interval.

Contract deadline management
Employee is explaining

Contract Management Webinar

Collaborative Contract Lifecycle Management for Microsoft 365

Increase transparency and thus keep track of contracts and deadlines.
And stop losing 9% of your annual turnover due to contract management!

Learn in the webinar what digital contract management with Microsoft 365 looks like and how you can benefit. Look forward to a live demo of the solution. Afterwards, you can test-drive the solution and convince yourself.

Contract creation assistant: Efficiently create new contracts

A smart navigation and contract templates ensure easy creation of contracts of all kinds. Master data can be imported from the leading ERP system. Additionally, access rights for individuals can be easily defined.

Contract creating new

Outlook integration: Seamless collaboration on documents and contracts

With Outlook integration, correspondence or additions to contracts can be directly stored from Outlook and assigned to the appropriate contracts and files. Furthermore, collaborative work on contracts is possible.

Contract creation

Signature workflow: Easily sign contracts online

Thanks to d.velop sign, there is the option to digitally sign contracts directly. Simply prepare the fields, invite individuals for signature, and you’re done.

Contract signature workflow


Save the hours spent logging contract details 

  • Never misplace a contract again 
  • Smart deadline management 
  • Automatic rights management 
  • Full compliance with legal requirements 


Save the hours spent logging contract details 

  • All your contracts at a glance 
  • Accessible regardless of location and department 
  • Clear overview of tasks, deadlines, and contracts 


Save the hours spent logging contract details 

  • Fast and easy contract creation 
  • Inter-organizational collaboration using familiar MS Office applications 
  • The system manages important deadlines and events, sending reminders 

Would you like to learn more about contract management? 

If you want to learn more about Contract Management, we have many exciting content pieces available. From best-practice tips, to how-tos, to decision-making tips – you’ll find valuable advice here to help your company go digital. Feel free to click through and explore!

Frequently asked questions and answers about contract management.

What is contract management?

Contract management is an important task of a company or organization, as it enables a structured overview of all contracts of the company. This allows contract documents to be located and analyzed more quickly in order to obtain a proper overview of the company’s or organization’s contractual obligations and to be able to manage them.

Why using digital contract management?

With the help of audit-proof archiving and efficient filtering and search functions, digital contract management guarantees that contract data can be found quickly and saves a lot of time that would have been spent on analog searches for required documents.
In addition, the contract management system reminds you of due contractual obligations through integrated deadline management, so that unwanted contract extensions and associated costs can be avoided.

What should contract management software be able to do?

Good contract management software includes deadline management, provides structured and centralized overviews of company contracts, and should enable location-independent collaborative work. In addition, the software should support digital signing with the help of a qualified electronic signature, so that the entire contract lifecycle can be designed digitally.

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