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d.velop products seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365

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Use d.velop technologies in your familiar Microsoft 365 interface and benefit from document management and workflow functions.

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ECM for Microsoft 365

Document management and business processes seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365

Learn about the dedicated d.velop product and solution portfolio for Microsoft 365. Add selected d.velop products and solutions to your Microsoft environment as smart extensions. This way, you comprehensively map all digital document and business processes in the company based on Microsoft technology. Leverage central document management functions directly within leading Microsoft applications.

  • 40 % of paper costs can be saved through electronic documents and workflows, according to IDC.
  • 400 + companies use d.velop software for Microsoft 365.
  • 30 % of operating costs can be saved through automated processes, according to Gartner.
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White paper DMS M365

Integrated document management with SharePoint / Microsoft 365

Learn in this white paper how integrated content services can be used to implement seamless, end-to-end digital solutions in SharePoint / Microsoft 365.

  • Document management: the key to digital business processes
  • Closing the gaps between SharePoint / Microsoft 365 and ERP/CRM
  • Repositioning: SharePoint / Microsoft 365 as a business processes hub
  • Making SharePoint / Microsoft 365 for everyone easier to use
  • Customer Success Stories

Integration of d.velop products in Microsoft Outlook, Office and Teams

Enable easy and fast handling of documents from your d.velop document management directly in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Outlook (and Exchange)

  • Call up documents or entire file structures for an optimal and complete overview.
  • Filing of e-mails and/or attachments via drag & drop directly into the d.velop DMS for simple and secure filing.
  • Automatic suggestion system for filing documents based on metadata for even faster filing.

Microsoft Office

  • Central storage location for all Office documents and files accessible at the touch of a button for barrier-free working.
  • Automatic versioning of Office documents and files for complete traceability.
  • Uncomplicated collaborative working in the Office applications used daily for simple and secure collaboration.

Microsoft Teams

  • Provision and simultaneous editing of documents, e.g. in a project team for easy collaborative working.
  • Communication and change tracking of documents in real time and in direct context for optimal exchange.
  • Mapping of entire file structures at the touch of a button in Microsoft Teams for greater clarity.

With SharePoint / M365 from Microsoft, we benefit from a powerful platform for information management. With the d.velop for Microsoft 365 extension, we connect this platform with SAP ERP and Salesforce, achieve full transparency over our documents and business processes and have ensured legally compliant filing.

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Head of Processes and Systems

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Q&A Microsoft 365

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft 365 & d.velop

What does “Seamless Integration into M365 Applications” mean?

This means that our software solutions seamlessly collaborate with existing Microsoft 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. All business documents and data created or edited with our d.velop solutions remain entirely within the customer’s M365 tenant. Our solutions are based on SharePoint Online and also leverage other Microsoft applications and services, such as Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory). This ensures high data security and enables a smooth workflow without the need to switch between different programs.

Which products does d.velop offer for Microsoft 365?

In addition to the document management system “d.velop documents for Microsoft 365,” we also offer the digital invoice processing solution “d.velop invoices for Microsoft 365” and the contract management system “d.velop contracts for Microsoft 365.” These products are specifically designed to streamline the daily operations of companies using Microsoft 365.

Why should I choose d.velop software solutions?

Our software solutions not only provide efficient document and contract management but also seamless integration into your existing M365 applications. This results in faster cycle times and offers more transparency to your business. Another crucial advantage is the increase in employee satisfaction. Since our solutions are directly integrated into the applications where your employees already work daily, such as SharePoint, Teams, and leading ERP and CRM systems, the workday is made easier, media disruptions are eliminated, and productivity is enhanced.

How can I book a demo of the software?

You can book a software demo directly on our website. Simply use the form provided below.

Do you want to know more about integrating d.velop solutions into your M365?

Request a free demo of d.velop software.