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Finding instead of searching! Find your documents instantly by using a clear and intuitive interface based on organisational structures that reflect how you work and are accessible straight out of leading business applications (SAP, Salesforce and D365, etc.). No more annoying and superfluous mouse clicks to get what you need, when you want it!

Challenges of an information-driven workplace

Isolation and Information Silos

  • Users scramble to put together the information they need to conduct their daily business – where is it? ERP? Outlook? File server? Paper?
  • Content in SharePoint is isolated from related information outside of SharePoint
  • Emails are only available in Outlook, not in SharePoint
  • Documents produced by ERP & CRM solutions are not available in SharePoint and vice versa
  • Business processes are interrupted because users have to switch between applications

Inadequate User Experience in SharePoint

  • SharePoint’s technical infrastructure and navigation are difficult for users to understand (site collection, sites, sub-sites, lists, libraries)
  • Users have to leave their key applications to work with SharePoint
  • Rich feature set can be overwhelming
  • Lack of logically related information that brings diverse content together into a big picture
  • Use of metadata cumbersome

turns your Microsoft 365 
into a real document management system

Luise Freese, Microsoft MVP, explains which problems information-driven employees face while working with SharePoint, Microsoft 365, CRM and ERP systems and other applications.

Find out how d.velop for Microsoft 365 helps to overcome the hurdles organisations face when trying to drive digital transformation with SharePoint & Microsoft 365.

d.velop for Microsoft 365 – enhanced document management for SharePoint

d.velop for Microsoft 365, the product suite for Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premise, unlocks the full potential to implement a successful enterprise content management (ECM) strategy.


Improve Productivity

  • Get significantly faster access to the necessary documents for the task at hand
  • Save time by not needlessly switching between business applications to find information
  • Improve the automation of your day-to-day business
  • Support different processes with various file types, for instance contract- & quality management or personnel files

Increase Employee Satisfaction

  • Free up time for value added tasks
  • Simplify the handling of content in information-driven processes
  • Deliver the right information using document management and collaboration functionality directly to the employee’s favourite applications

Drive Business Excellence

  • Enable seamless business processes unconstrained by the typical boundaries imposed by information silos
  • Focus on work that really delivers value by eliminating cumbersome tasks
  • Improve collaboration and provide outstanding visibility on business-critical information

Achieve Your Strategic Goals

  • Support agile and cross-functional business processes
  • Improve customer experience with an outstanding level of responsiveness
  • Unlock more ROI from existing key business applications and reach a higher level of adoption
  • Operate fewer but better integrated systems
  • Implement strong information governance with a strategic, centralised place for information



  • Logical 360° view on business-critical information that you need within a given business context, such as
    • customers and suppliers
    • sales and purchase orders
    • projects, products and contracts
    employees, cases and topics
  • Easy-to understand navigation that unifies content in relation to the right business context
  • Provide a consistent user experience by standardising access to content through consistent terminology and navigation (file plan structure)


  • Effortless classification of content
  • Metadata is automatically applied from the navigation item where the document was dropped
  • Document types (= content types) are determined automatically from the context


  • Deliver the relevant information for the right business context, as well as document management and collaboration functionality, directly to the employee’s favourite applications
    • ERP, such as SAP and Dynamics 365
    • CRM, such as Salesforce and Dynamics 365
    • Outlook, Office and Teams
    and other line of business applications


  • Automatic consolidation of documents from different key business applications to break down information silos
    • ERP, such as SAP and Dynamics 365
    • CRM, such as Salesforce and Dynamics 365
    • and other line of business applications
  • Manage all business-critical content in SharePoint as your strategic point for information management and governance

Webinar – Your One Stop Shop for Information for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Are you familiar with the following pain points with SharePoint?

  • Chaotic information architecture and SharePoint sprawl.
  • Insufficient level of user acceptance.
  • Content in SharePoint is isolated from information other systems of record, creating information silos.
  • Lack of integration into Office, Outlook, ERP, …
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