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Choose genuine, scalable cloud software when transforming your IT landscape – developed based on European values.

  • Your leading platform for Content Services applications.
  • Scalable Software as a Service technology.
  • Privacy, data security, and transparency in focus.

d.velop cloud – BUILT ON TRUST

Software from the cloud,
accessible to everyone.

Due to increasing security risks, a shortage of IT professionals, and economic considerations, organizations are intensively engaged in modernizing their IT landscape and transitioning to the cloud. Where possible, in-house applications are increasingly being replaced by SaaS technologies to make them available to users with significantly fewer IT professionals and to keep them easily up to date with regular updates.

Privacy, data security, and transparency in focus

Especially because a multitude of customers entrust us with sensitive business information, data protection, data security, and transparency are our top priorities. At the same time, we are firmly convinced that only genuine, scalable SaaS technologies lead to fully realizing all the benefits of the cloud.

  • 99.9 % Cloud Availability for d.velop Apps
  • 1000 + Customers rely on d.velop software from the cloud.
  • 7 years is d.velop a leading SaaS provider in the ECM market.

Compliance, Performance, Integration

Advantages of the cloud-based standard software from d.velop

For us, Built on Trust means offering the new generation of our Content Services Platform as a Software as a Service offering, independent of organizational size, industry, or region.

  • Fulfillment of compliance requirements through extensive certifications
  • Flexibility in choosing the host and location of your data
  • An open Application Programming Interface (API) for seamless integrations
  • An ecosystem of apps for integrations, industry, and business process solutions
  • The highest possible availability of our SaaS technologies
  • A code base completely independent of the deployment form
  • Automated and regular deployments for efficient processes

The right cloud provider for your Company

We rely on these cloud infrastructure providers

While cloud solutions have become an absolute standard in private settings and the free market, highly regulated sectors still have significant catching up to do. Especially for regulated industries such as public services, healthcare, or finance, compliance requirements play a central role. That is precisely why, depending on your needs, we rely on suitable providers for your use cases.

Through our partnerships with the Open Telekom Cloud, we provide all industries with the opportunity to utilize Software as a Service

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing services. In the realm of data storage within the AWS cloud environment, you can freely choose the location of your data in Europe..

Logo Open Telekom Cloid

Open Telekom Cloud (OTC)

As a European provider, the cloud solution of Deutsche Telekom, the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), has established itself. Thanks to its own server locations in Europe, the Open Telekom Cloud complies with numerous compliance requirements.

Trailer Schmitz Cargobull
Bild zeigt Michael Schöller, Head of Infrastructure and Services bei Schmitz Cargobull

We reduce our administrative effort, which we had to invest in IT infrastructure so far, and gain an increase in flexibility and scalability.

Michael Schöller
Head of Infrastructure and Services
Schmitz Cargobull AG

Certifications from d.velop and our cloud services

The cloud is the foundation for a future-proof infrastructure in the modern IT landscape of organizations and institutions. Key aspects include data protection, data security, transparency, legal compliance, and the preservation of privacy.

d.velop enables compliance with legal requirements from all industries securely and reliably through its own certifications as well as selected partners.

  • ISO Certfication 27001
  • TISAX Logo
  • BSI C5
  • ISO 27017
  • ISO 27018

Our customers share their experiences in the video about their cloud transformation with d.velopp

Who could better report on why they rely on the d.velop cloud and how previous projects have progressed together with d.velop than our customers themselves? Exactly, no one. That’s why d.velop customers share live in the video how they have mastered their cloud transformation with d.velop.

On-Premise infrastructure in use, but cloud in mind – Interview with Peter Verheul from Hoogwegt

In this talk, Peter Verheul (Hoogwegt) and Lukas Kötting (d.velop) speak about how Hoogwegt began working with d.velop, Hoogwegt’s current DMS setup, and what the future is likely to bring. On this note: Hoogwegt’s ambition is to pursue a consistent cloud strategy. Listen to this interview to gain the latest insights into this issue.

The way Schmitz Cargobull migrated 60 million documents into the cloud

60 million documents, 17 terabytes of data to migrate to the cloud in 3 months; You mean that is not possible? Go then! Schmitz Cargobull has achieved exactly that and reports live on the stage about the project, and what they would recommend to other customers and interested parties if they also want to take the step fully or partially into the cloud.

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