d.velop managed services

Leave it to the experts to run your ECM solution

Focus on the core processes that make up your business. That probably doesn’t include an ECM system.

Regular servicing, administration and maintenance for a comprehensive ECM system can be time consuming. Wouldn’t it be good to have someone to take care of this for you?

The answer: d.velop managed services

With d.velop managed services, d.velop AG takes over responsibility from your IT team for operating the entire suite of applications in your d.3ecm or ecspand solution, based on a binding service level agreement.

Everything starts with trust.

These customers rely on d.velop managed services.

Lohmann and Rauscher is a customer of d.velop AG
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d.velop managed services:
a service package to meet your needs

d.velop managed services includes the operation and proactive management of your d.velop applications by experienced experts at d.velop AG and expands on the Standard Support.

Standard Support

Standard Support – the basic component on which the range of d.velop managed services are built. Optional service packages are also possible with this level of support.

  •  Standard response time¹
  • Extended service hours
  • Emergency phone support

Advanced Support

Advanced Support builds on the services included in the Standard Support and includes further optional services that can be added. Perfect when a little more support is required.

  •  Faster response time²
  •  Personal contact person
  •  Fewer cooperative obligations
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Hotfix Management
  • Extended service hours
  •  Emergency phone support
  • Patch Management

Premium Support

The Premium Support package is a complete service for your ECM system, enabling you to devote you full attention to your core processes.

  • Faster response time³
  • Personal contact person
  • Fewer cooperative obligations
  • Housekeeping
  • Event management during service hours
  • Hotfix Management
  • Monthly reporting and service meetings
  •  99% system availability guarantee
  • Extended service hours
  • Emergency phone support
  • Patch Management
  • 24×7 event management for priority 1
  • = Service included
  • Can be added as an option

¹ Priority 1: 2 hours, priority 2: 8 hours, priority 3: 24 hours, priority 4: 48 hours
² Priority 1: 2 hours, priority 2: 4 hours, priority 3: 12 hours, priority 4: 36 hours
³ Priority 1: 1 hour, priority 2: 4 hours, priority 3: 8 hours, priority 4: 12 hours

Note: d.velop managed services are only available to direct customers of d.velop AG. The general d.velop service model relies on the extensive competency of authorized partners and system houses in the d.velop competence network (d.cn). Please contact your d.velop partner anytime with questions.

d.velop managed services – All services at a glance

Download the brochure containing all the information you need about d.velop managed services. Discover the three service pillars of the d.velop managed service team and find out about the optional service packages. So that you can focus solely on your business.

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