d.velop forum | 24 May 2023 | Areal Böhler Düsseldorf, Germany

That was d.velop forum 2023

The d.velop forum 2023 is over, but the impulses continue to resonate.

  • Inspiring keynotes & exciting presentations
  • Exchange & networking with the d.velop community
  • Concrete best practices from users in your industry

24 May 2023 | Areal Böhler Düsseldorf, Germany

A great d.velop forum 2023 is behind us

This year’s d.velop forum in Düsseldorf was themed “Let’s get connected.” It was a pleasure to finally meet the d.velop community live and in person. Following the motto, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” let the pictures from the event speak for themselves:


Inspirational speakers at the d.velop forum 2023

d.velop forum keynote speaker fraenzi kuehne

Fränzi Kühne
Entrepreneur, author, speaker

d.velop forum keynote speaker rainer hehmann

Rainer Hehmann
Co-CEO & member of the executive board, d.velop AG

d.velop forum 2023 Keynote Speaker Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist
Trendspotter and Autor

d.velop forum keynote speaker sebastian evers

Sebastian Evers
Co-CEO & member of the executive board, d.velop AG


Lectures for companies by companies

For years, the d.velop forum has been featuring digitalization heroes in the form of d.velop customers. After all, who better to learn from than companies facing similar challenges? The following companies were on stage this year:

  • logo stark germany
  • logo kgal customer d.velop sign
  • logo terhalle
  • logo geka
  • logo edding

#Event location


Innovations, trends, and visions of the future, all of these are united in the old steelworks AREAL BÖHLER. The area has established itself as an innovation and trade fair location that extends far beyond Düsseldorf in terms of its influence. And at the d.velop forum 2023, the location has showcased its influence. Nearly 1,000 participants gathered here and filled the cold steel hall. The atmosphere and energy were simply fantastic.

The d.velop forum 2023 in numbers

We are overwhelmed by the numerous participants, the countless impulses, and the enthusiasm that was written on everyone’s faces. Of course, a small review in numbers and words should not be missing either.

  • 21 Sessions were held at the d.velop forum.
  • 1000 Participants at the d.velop forum 2023
  • 3 Stages were featured at the d.velop forum.

d.velop summit | 11.-13. Juni 2024 | Areal Böhler | Düsseldorf

Something new is coming our way in 2024 …

It’s getting bigger, more colorful, and even more innovative. For the first time, the entire d.velop community will come together to discuss and experience innovations when it’s time for: All customers. All industries. All partners. All products. More networking. More exchange. More experiences: An event! The d.velop summit.

dvelop summit 2024 visual