Visual d.velop forum² 2021

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Stream the first international d.velop forum live from anywhere 

22 & 23 September 2021

Unlock new skills and assets. Unleash your company’s full potential. 

Digitalization is key to long-lasting growth. It provides stability in uncertain times. It offers freedom.  It grants you unimaginable power. But successful digitalization always starts with you, the human. Experience inspiring and thrilling keynotes, hear real-life success stories and take part in exciting workshops at the d.velop forum 2021. 

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d.velop forum 2021
Why you should join us

Expert keynote speakers


Discover new approaches

Be inspired by the thoughts ideas of our speakers. Gain valuable new insights and practice-based tips. 

Digital networking with fellow enthusiasts


Get to know fellow digital pioneers 

Take advantage of this great opportunity to expand your network and exchange ideas with experts and fellow digitalization enthusiasts. 

Expert breakout sessions

Breakout Sessions

Learn from others’ successes 

Listen to the experiences of other d.velop customers. Familiarize yourself with concrete usage scenarios from a wide range of industries. 

You can look forward to these keynote speakers:

Thorsten Havener

Expert for body language and mental strategies

Aya Jaff

Founder, author and passionate programmer

Mario Dönnebrink

CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of d.velop AG

Inspiring minds from our recent events 

Dr. Leon Windscheid

Spiegel bestselling author, psychologist, and entrepreneur

“Back in the Brain – Why the Future of Work Lies in the Past.”

He makes psychology easy to understand. As a speaker, he gives talks at companies, universities and events, combining the latest findings from psychology and brain research with everyday digital life. This approach allows him to bridge the gap between entertainment and science, with plenty of penny-drop moments for his audiences. 

Maike van den Boom

Keynote speaker, author, and happiness expert

“Where do I find happiness?”

She knows what happiness is, because she is one of the best-known happiness researchers in Germany. As a book author, she cracked the code of happiness and success of the Scandinavians in her latest book. She explains how companies and their teams can easily master the future challenges of the working world. 

Christian Lindemann

Lecturer, speaker, entertainer

“On premises and virtual: How to perform well on all the world’s stages” 

He has been a passionate performer, entertaining and captivating others, for 20 years. With his worldwide success with Cirque du Soleil® in 1,500 shows, he was the first German to make it to the top among international comedy show acts. 

Marcell Jansen

Entrepreneur, shareholder, and former professional sportsman

“Digital Entrepreneurship – The Innovation Talk with Marcell Jansen” 

Constantly changing position and speed, looking left and right – he has always found these things more enjoyable than strictly tactical “running up and down” to score points. That goes for games played on the field and life itself. Marcell Jansen is a man who has no fear of taking risks – or dealing with defeats. 

Felix Thönessen

Business economist, public speaker, and keynote speaker

“Not every innovation has to be digital” 

In his 12 years of experience, he has assisted more than 1,000 startups, and given more than 900 presentations. A familiar face in Germany, most know him from his role as a coach on TV’s Höhle der Löwen – the German answer to Dragon’s Den (UK) or Shark Tank (US). He is a speaker, lecturer, investor and himself a successful entrepreneur from Dusseldorf. He says: “Digitalization is unstoppable. But not every innovation has to be digital!”. 

Oliver Haas

Managing partner, author, and lecturer

“Leadership in change” 

With more than 20 years of experience as a manager, he is very familiar with change.  As a managing partner at Kessel & Kessel GmbH, his passion lies in designing strategic and organizational change processes. 

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