Incoming Mail Processing

Email and paper-mail – better one instead of two

Do you digitize your mail?

The challenge of inbound mail processing begins right at the arrival of mail at your company: Supporting documents come in via different paths – sometimes digitized, sometimes not. The central task of a digital inbox is to collect, classify, integrate, distribute and archive all documents and files digitally and consistently – regardless of source. The benefit: all documents including the data are available to all employees anywhere and anytime.

Digital mail processing accelerates dispatch and editing of your mail, reduces delays and transport times, ensures an immediate workflow, allows for efficient planning of your resources, increases the service quality and eventually leads to significantly lower costs.

Consistent processing of inbound receipts

The d.velop inbound suite solution is the inbound path for all your inbound mail. All documents are processed consistently. Paper receipts need to be scanned in order to digitize them. The user can then edit them via the intuitive user interface. In the next step, the digitized inbound mail is classified and enriched with information to ensure that it can be assigned to the appropriate file in the document management system or transferred to the matching specialized process.

  1. Supporting documents arrive at the company
  2. Paper receipts are scanned
  3. Incoming documents are classified and consistently edited
  4. Transfer to the provided file
  5. Transfer to the specialized process

Document import using different paths

Scanning icon


Simply digitize your paper receipts using local or network scanners. All your scanners addressed via TWAIN can transfer the scanned paper receipts directly to the d.velop inbound suite. Processing is then continued via the intuitive user interface.

File import icon

File import

Simply import files from your file system to the d.velop inbound suite to combine new documents or easily file them in the archive. This ensures that all your documents are consistently filed and processed.

Inbox icon

Inbound mailbox

If your scanner does not have TWAIN capability, you can also forward the scanned receipts as PDF files to the mailbox of the inbound suite. The documents are then imported directly. You can also use this mailbox to transfer files from other sources via e-mail.

Import icon

Import interface

Receipts are issued in many different systems. We have therefore deployed an import API that enables third parties to process receipts and documents using the d.velop solution.

All the benefits of incoming mail processing

  • Quick and simple processing of all inbound paper and electronic mail directly at the workstation
  • Automated digital document distribution – also across locations
  • Low cost and low maintenance thanks to smart technology
  • Easy process monitoring using only a single tool
  • More efficient use of resources, lower operational costs
  • Fast implementation, ready to use immediately
  • High information capacity, better service quality
  • High transparency thanks to various reports
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Continuous optimization in operation

With d.velop inbound scan, you can digitize your mail and combine it with other electronic receipts.

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