Incoming Mail Processing

Incoming Mail Processing For increased efficiency in businesses

Create a digital inbox that uniformly captures, classifies, distributes, or archives all documents and files — regardless of their source.

Reduced idle and transportation times Instant and secure distribution of your mail — across all departments and locations.

Bet on a digital inbox

The challenge begins as soon as paper and email mail arrive in companies and organizations: Documented evidence arrives through various channels as incoming mail. In many organizations, there is no standardized processing of this mail. Clear structures are lacking – these are provided by the digital inbox from d.velop:

  • Reduction of costs for incoming mail processing and more efficient use of resources.
  • Digital documents as the foundation for automating document and business processes.
  • Continuous completeness and traceability of incoming documents in your company and organization.

Capture and distribute mail quickly and easily with the digital inbox

With d.velop solutions, you create an entry channel to process all your incoming mail, such as documents, emails, and receipts, uniformly. With d.velop’s digital inbox, you use software that can automate the manual sorting of mail and packages. The software utilizes OCR technology to identify the recipient(s) of the mail and automate the distribution.

Infographic Illustrating Digital Inbox Workflow

Digital Inbox – Key Features

Digitizing Paper Mail

  • Incoming documents, letters, and receipts are digitized directly through scanning or photos.
  • When the incoming mail is in digital form, the recipient can be notified directly, allowing them to assess, accept, or forward the respective item promptly.
  • In cases of absence, the appropriate substitute can be informed directly.
Classification by Document Type

Importing and Classifying Incoming Mail

  • Simply import existing documents from your file system into the d.velop software to consolidate new documents or immediately store them in the revision-proof digital file archive of d.velop, for example.
  • This way, all your documents are uniformly captured and archived within seconds.
Infographic illustrates Importing and Classifying Incoming Mail

Distribute Incoming Mail

  • Thanks to recipient recognition, the mail can be distributed accurately.
  • d.velop’s software provides numerous interfaces, ensuring seamless processing of all documents.
Infographic illustrates Further Processing

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With d.velop inbound scan, you can digitize your mail and combine it with other electronic receipts.

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