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Say goodbye to overflowing file cabinets and document chaos, thanks to d.velop’s digital files.

  • Cross-location work
  • Quick search
  • Easy, legally secure filing

The digital file doesn’t gather dust! And it can do much more…

Folders piling up on the desk, files gathering dust in cabinets, and the tedious search for the right documents – thanks to a digital file archive, these scenes will soon be a thing of the past in your organization.

Digital file plan in the archiving process

Working with Digital Files

How does it work? All documents that reach your company or organization are either stored directly in digital form (for emails and digitally created documents) or after scanning (for paper documents) in a central digital archive.

What makes it special: The system fully automatically reads newly scanned or otherwise added documents and sorts them independently into existing digital files based on this information. If there is no existing file, new files are automatically created based on the recognized characteristics, without any action required from you. With a daily influx of numerous documents, digital file management leads to significant time savings.

Digital File – The Advantages of a Digital File Archive

  • Better transparency – all information in one file
  • Ease of use
  • Linking documents and files
  • Complete overview thanks to central data storage
  • Cross-location work possible
  • Safer than a file cabinet
  • Intuitive use, modeled after a ‘real’ paper file
  • Reduced search effort

Are my documents safe in digital files?

d.velop’s digital files are much safer than your filing cabinet.

Working with digital files is not only more convenient and faster for you but also much safer than dealing with printouts in thick folders, which are only protected from unauthorized access in a lockable file cabinet.

With a sophisticated granular rights concept, you ensure that only authorized employees can view and edit files and documents. Especially with confidential data such as personnel files or contract files, digital file management provides more security and ensures compliance with legal retention requirements.

Digital Files in Use at Our Customers

With the personnel file for more transparency

The digital personnel file accelerates the processing of HR processes in the company, ensures transparent workflows, and improves information availability.

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Electronic file in public administration

Based on our established E-Government filing system, the eAkte seamlessly integrates into various specialized procedures of public administration.


Electronic patient records for hospitals

With the Electronic patient records, documents and test results are available in a clear manner at any time and from anywhere.

More about the Electronic patient records

Access your projects from anywhere

With the digital project file, you can manage all documents directly in a digital archive in a central location. Users have access to project-related documents from anywhere.


Your digital file tailored to your needs

For all requirements, industries, or needs, digital files can be created. The use of files is diverse: from order files to approval files. d.velop customers use standardized files for various use cases, including:

Order file

All details related to an order are centrally available in a digital order file for authorized employees, ensuring swift processing at any time.

Construction file

The digital construction file encompasses the entire construction process, including processes and documents, thereby documenting the construction project.

Resident file

In the digital resident file, all data and documents of residents in a social institution are collected and archived in a single file.

Production file

With the digital production file, all relevant information such as bill of materials and construction plans for production can be easily stored and accessed.

Customer file

In the digital customer file, information and contracts related to a customer are stored in a central location, making them digitally accessible at all times.

Supplier file

Whether delivery notes, quotes, or other information about a supplier: a digital supplier file centrally consolidates all relevant information.

Machine file

With the use of a digital machine file, operation manuals, spare parts catalogs, and maintenance records are accessible at any time.

Product file

In a digital product file, you have consolidated all stages of the product lifecycle: from the idea through procurement to the user manual.

Complaint file

In the digital complaint file, you have information about a complaint, including documents, images, and emails, at a glance.

Contract file

The digital contract file helps you keep track of all deadlines related to a contract. The filing system and authorization concept provide additional security.

Learn more about digital files

On the d.velop blog, we regularly publish articles on the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Topic of Digital Files

What is a digital file?

A digital file is part of an electronic document management system that digitally stores, manages, provides documents for processing, and shares them. It replaces traditional paper files, enabling quick and legally secure access to all relevant content.

What does the digital file from d.velop include?

The digital file from d.velop enables a variety of functions and workflows that significantly facilitate document management. This includes, among other things, fully automatic classification of content so that it can be automatically moved to existing or newly created files. In addition, there are various types of files to optimally address industry-specific needs, for example.

Can I import my existing paper documents into the digital file from d.velop?

You can import your existing paper documents into the digital file either using scanning functions or by outsourcing the scanning process to an external company. The size of the company or the industry is not a factor in this regard. This way, you can completely do away with paper files and benefit from the advantages of an electronic document management system (DMS).fe von Scan-Funktionen in die digitale Akte importieren oder lassen das Einscannen von einer externen Firma übernehmen. Dabei spielt weder die Unternehmensgröße noch die Branche eine Rolle. Auf diese Weise können sie vollständig auf Papierakten verzichten und von den Vorteilen eines elektronischen DMS profitieren.

Are there security features in the digital file from d.velop?

Yes, the digital file from d.velop includes comprehensive security features to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data. This includes, among other things, the distribution of access permissions, granting employees access to specific documents that are relevant to them.

What is an eFile?

An eFile is an electronic file, particularly commonly used in public administration as a part of Document Management Systems (DMS). It replaces paper files and digitally provides documents and information. eFiles integrate seamlessly into the required specialized procedures and present the most important information directly in a clear manner on the digital file cover.

What is a digital construction file?

A comprehensive management of all construction-related documents can be achieved with a digital construction file. This electronic collection of various documents is available location-independent and can also be accessed on-site during construction, providing information about crucial decisions. Whether it’s plans, drawings, calculations, or assessments, all documents are consistently accessible.

How does digital file management work?

Digital file management means that files and documents are not available in paper form but are instead electronically managed. This is done by organizing the files through an electronic system, such as a Document Management System (DMS). With a DMS, digital files can be easily shared, collaboratively edited, and archived securely without much effort. This makes file management more organized, reduces the risk of losing documents, and minimizes the error rate.

What are the advantages of a digital personnel file?

The advantages of a digital personnel file include easy application, the linking of documents and files, location-independent work, and reduced search effort. Additionally, the digital personnel file is more secure than a file in a physical filing cabinet.

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