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Securely and digitally archive documents with the archiving software from d.velop.

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Document archiving Digital. Easy. Secure.

Digital file plan in the archiving process

The archiving process explained simply

Paper documents, technical drawings, images, office documents, documents in SharePoint, receipts from your accounting, or emails – whatever the document!

In the central document management system of d.velop, including archiving software, everything finds its place: digital, long-term, and revision-proof. Thus, it is naturally compliant with laws and independent of the original generating system.

Once digitally archived, the stored documents can be searched at any time spontaneously. Of course, only by authorized users. And then, naturally, edited, reviewed, and distributed. With mobile ECM, even if you are on the go.

Why use archiving software at all?

  • Legal requirements

    Opt for security! Through legally secure and revision-proof storage of your documents on your own storage systems or in certified data centers. With the associated protection against changes, you create the basis for compliance-compliant work. Of course, retention periods and due dates according to GoBD are considered in this process.

  • Central availability

    All documents are centrally archived in digital files, even across location boundaries. This ensures that all information is available at all times and up-to-date. Additionally, with revision-proof archiving, you can still browse through every document after decades. This is because the documents are also stored as TIFF or PDF/A.

  • Designing processes

    Documents archived digitally through the software form the basis for transparent business processes. Only with the constant and central availability of information can efficient electronic workflows be designed, leading to a significant reduction in processing times and costs.

Document archiving as a central component of a document management system.

The document archiving from d.velop is an integral part of our document management system. Through intuitive, individually adaptable interfaces, you can set up the archiving software quickly, easily, and transparently.

With digital document archiving, you create the basis for meeting all applicable compliance requirements. Thanks to an individual rights concept for archive access, you enhance data protection. After digital archiving, optionally and depending on the retention period, you have the option for legally compliant destruction of original documents. This reduces “data clutter.”

For data storage, you can use your existing storage hardware or store your data in the cloud via d.velop cloud storage.

What do you need for document archiving?

You have the choice. Store your business information either On-Premises, Hybrid, or completely in the cloud. Regardless of how you decide, your data is in safe hands with us.


You would like to archive your documents in your own systems? Then Content Addressed Storage (CAS) systems are the tool of choice as a long-term archiving system. CAS systems are hard disk systems that, due to their structure, ensure that overwriting of documents is not possible. Connections with d.velop software are already implemented for many storage systems.


If you operate your document management system On-Premises, you have the option to use d.velop cloud storage as an additional backup for your existing local storage system (hybrid variant) or as a complete outsourcing of your storage system (cloud-only variant). This allows you to adapt cloud technologies at your own pace.


If you decide to obtain our document management system from the cloud, you can immediately do away with your own storage systems in your data center and securely, efficiently, and revision-proof archive your business-critical data. This eliminates the need for secondary storage systems, which can be very costly for you in terms of procurement, maintenance, and operation.

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