Scanning and editing documents made easy.

Digital mail processing as the basis for faster business processes begins now.

Scanning and classifying paper documents is a necessary step for the consistent digitization of inbound company mail. Invoices, delivery notes and other receipts can be identified, distributed in the company without the need to forward them physically or stored in a digital archive.

Only digital receipts allow relevant data to be read out reliably for the automation of downstream document and business processes. Benefit from an easy-to-use scanning solution for quick and easy processing of all receipts arriving by mail, fax or e-mail.

Dokumente scannen, erkennen und ablegen

Scanning and editing documents

Interface of scanning and classifying documents

The browser-based d.velop scan software can be connected to any commercially available desktop or network scanner thanks to an instantly installable scan connector. Once the scanner is operational, the scan can be started with a button directly from the software. After a successful scan, the digitized pages are displayed on the user interface in an organized way.

You cannot only import paper receipts, but also existing digital documents for editing and processing in the same way. These can be merged with the scanned paper receipts. Useful editing tools support the process.

After editing, the digital documents can be exported in PDF format and stored in the desired location. Direct transfer or upload to a connected cloud DMS archive or to a specialist process (e.g. mail distribution) is also possible at any time.

  • Fast availability and immediate use
  • Optimal integration into any system environment
  • Software is operated and maintained by d.velop AG
  • Continuous development of the solution

Useful tools for an optimal scanning result

Inbound scan turning pages icon

Rotate pages

Scanning errors are very easy to correct. Pages can be rotated 90┬░ until the desired format is obtained. This function can also be selected for several pages at a time.

Inbound scan adding pages icon

Add pages

You want to add some pages to a document? Simply import additional pages to the existing document. It does not matter whether you need to scan additional paper receipts or select existing files.

Inbound scan deleting pages icon

Delete/move pages

Empty pages between the scanned documents? Thanks to the well-organized editing interface including page preview, these can be identified and deleted immediately. Individual pages can be moved.

Inbound scan dividing documents icon

Separate pages

The documents are separated based on artificial intelligence (optional service) or with the help of barcode detection. Of course, users can also continue to separate the pages manually.

Separate, classify and analyze documents in seconds

Interface of scanning and classifying documents

Not only smaller stacks of mail, but also large amounts of documents can be captured quickly and cleanly. Several documents can be imported simultaneously into the user interface from a file system, which will start the automated document separation process. Optionally, this process can be supported by a service that makes use of artificial intelligence. This means the system will independently detect after only a few seconds where one document ends and the next one begins.

The same technology is also used for the identification of a wide variety of document types. Is it a delivery note, an invoice or something else? Document classification is fully automated and reliable. Manual corrections by the user are possible at any time. They are also desirable to train the system and further improve the hit ratio.

In the final step, the document is analyzed to read out the most important metadata and add them to the document. This way, all the options of comprehensive document management can be used. For instance, directly handing over the digitized documents to an automated workflow or storing them in the proper digital dossier in an audit-compliant way is possible.

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