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Enterprise Search – Enterprise-wide search

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Find information across the company with a single click!

  • Instant availability of corporate knowledge
  • Overcome data silos
  • Real-time search

Corporate knowledge must be available at the click of a button

Critical business information is scattered across numerous documents, emails, file directories, software systems, wikis, and websites. Often stored in data silos, these are completely isolated from each other and are therefore difficult to find.

  • 90 % of companies confirm a correlation between knowledge productivity and their own competitive success.
  • 71 % of employees find searching for the right information to be too complicated.
  • 43 % of companies lack tools that actively facilitate knowledge exchange across teams and locations.

Find – instead of searching.

With d.velop enterprise search, you overcome these knowledge barriers and create an organization-wide search at the push of a button. With just one click, you can search your entire organizational landscape – from your Microsoft Exchange Server, through your file system, to public websites – much like a Google search. Unlike traditional enterprise search approaches that rely on their own index, searches with d.velop enterprise search are performed in real-time within the respective application and its associated index. This ensures that your individual authorization structures are maintained, and the current state of information is always guaranteed.

The advantages of d.velop enterprise search at a glance.

Corporate knowledge instantly avaible

Make relevant knowledge available to all employees immediately. Anytime, from anywhere, at the push of a button.



Minimize the time to find information to a fraction of a second – with just one search result list.

More transparency for better decisions

Improve and expand your employees’ knowledge base for less effort and better results.

Maximum flexibility for systems

Let the real – time search run seamlessly in all your specific company applications, thanks to optimal integration.

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With enterprise search, d.velop has provided us with a fully standardized tool that makes searching in the company significantly easier. We particularly like the lean and flexible integration into other applications such as Outlook or our Intranet. We are thrilled!

Philip König | Head of Organization at Zentis
  • Easy and fast searches
  • Centralized access to all data sources
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Improved collaboration
  • Perfect integration with d.velop systems
  • Individual branding of the software

Optimal integration

d.velop enterprise search is specifically designed for use in heterogeneous corporate landscapes and relies on the open OpenSearch protocol, allowing for the integration of a variety of systems as standard.

Thus, d.velop enterprise search supports websites, file directories, Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive (including Google Calendar), MediaWiki databases such as Wikipedia, Atlassian Confluence, and d.velop documents.

In addition, numerous other search providers can be added.

d.velop enterprise search for Atlassian Confluence

Integrates search results from Atlassian Confluence into your d.velop enterprise search.

d.velop enterprise search for SharePoint Online

Integriert Suchergebnisse aus Microsoft SharePoint in Ihre d.velop enterprise search Suche.

d.velop enterprise search for Microsoft Exchange

Integrates search results from Microsoft Exchange into your d.velop enterprise search.

What are you waiting for?

Simply book in the d.velop store and get started!

d.velop’s enterprise-wide search is a forward-looking technology that incurs no implementation costs and requires no hardware or installations. You can start immediately and integrate the search into your system landscape.

Search across the enterprise, overcome data silos.