Digital collaboration made easy 

Collaboration is key 

Digital collaboration – always on the same page 

Document management systems are the backbone of effective collaboration. 

Seamless digital collaboration means breaking down traditional barriers – enabling new ways to communicate and interact. Good collaboration is about enabling teams to work together regardless of time or location, also including people outside the organization or non-desk workers. With the rise remote work situations on the rise, it’s essential to have the right tools. 

The biggest challenge is always going to be ensuring everyone involved is on the same page – aware of what’s been happening and what lies ahead. With an online document management system (DMS), that’s not a problem. A DMS ensures all users always have access to the up-to-date information they need to do their job. It’s essentially a digital information hub for all concerned: The DMS becomes a single source of truth, a central point everyone refers to when they need information on a business process, a particular project, or just business partners in general. 

50 %

increase in work efficiency by using software that supports collaborative work. 

20 %

20% of companies already use document management systems to boost collaboration. 

60 %

of employees report that their companies need to improve in the area of collaboration. 

Work on documents together 

To edit documents together, you can just open documents in Microsoft Office directly from your document management system and start editing them. The integrated versioning system ensures you are always working on the latest version of a document. You can also use the subscribe function to ensure you’re always alerted when someone has created a new version of the document. This ensures you’re always up to date. You can also add a task to the document to ensure that your colleague can see right there what still needs to be done before a document can be approved, making things easier for everyone.

DMS desktop and mobile interface

Clearly define processes and responsibilities 

Workflows with digital documents are a staple ingredient when digitalizing your processes. These smart workflows can be used to map business processes – everything from a simple vacation request through to invoice workflows and contract management. It’s also easy to define and adjust individual process steps at any time. Whether step by step or in parallel, everyone involved is kept up to date on upcoming tasks. 

Collaboration - share documents with external parties

Manage documents together 

Distribute documents with people outside your organization or share them for editing easily via the document management system. Here you can create your own digital project space. You can also easily start chat conversations about documents and exchange information about the contents of a document directly with others. That’s collaboration as it should be. 

This is what our customers say about d.velop’s collaboration solutions: 

For even more collaboration 

Collaboration with the develop employee app

Promote internal communication with the employee app 

Enable your employees to connect with each other beyond their desks with the dedicated employee app: d.velop community connect. The app works as a central communication hub for your company. More than that, though – with integrated employee services, you can also manage all your personal document and business processes directly from your mobile device. No matter whether it’s a vacation request, ordering lunch, or receiving a digital salary statement… The possibilities are numerous and can be adapted to your needs. 

Digital signing for remote collaboration

Digitalize your business processes from start to finish with digital signing 

Make that awkward shifting between digital and analog processes a thing of the past: with digital signatures, you can finally reap the benefits of end-to-end digitalization. 

Simplify collaborative work with people outside your organization and make it easier for people to work together across time zones and locations. Say goodbye to unnecessary printing and scanning – get documents signed in legally compliant manner at any time, from anywhere – even when working remotely. Now you can shorten turnaround times and close contracts faster. 

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