Document Management & Business Process Management

Digitize your business processes – The simple and fast way!

Digital Document Management

Dusty archives, filing cabinets and rows upon rows of ring binders – this is what document management used to look like. Digital document management from d.velop helps you leave this mess behind!

Documents, e-mails, invoices, contracts… in other words, any and all corporate data is stored on a central platform. In order to be able to do so, the document management solution seamlessly integrates with your IT landscape and your various systems

The information is allocated to digital records, which can be viewed at any time and from any workstation. Digital document management provides you with an at-a-glance overview of customers, suppliers, projects and much more.

Convenient features such as full-text searching based on categories, record navigation, an automatic reminder function and various other options will win over your users within minutes. The system also allows them to rapidly find, share and link information, thus generating new digital records without the need to make any copies.

This is how you benefit from operating a DMS:

  • Anytime access to all relevant information.
  • Digital documents bring efficiency to daily tasks.
  • On-demand and on-target provision of the functions you need.

Business Process Management

It sometimes takes your internal mail delivery service weeks to deliver documents? With business process management, it will take mere seconds.

A business process always consists of a set sequence of tasks and actions. Business process management from d.velop controls these processes and makes certain that you receive all information needed to start the next task at just the right time.

Transforming (business) processes into digital workflows greatly simplifies tasks that are highly tedious and time-consuming when performed manually. Moreover, you gain a clear overview of each stage of your digital processes, allowing you to identify potentials for further optimizing your IT landscape.

The solution is based on digital workflows you can use to shape, control, monitor and expand processes. You are not limited to large-scale, rigid processes. It takes only a few clicks of the mouse to generate ad-hoc workflows for a specific task.

This is how you benefit from BPM

  • Automatic distribution of digital documents to the employee in charge.
  • You are permanently aware and in control of the document status.
  • Automatic escalation monitoring for time-critical processes.
  • Simple operation thanks to forms designed to meet individual corporate needs.

DMS and BPM Form a Strong Team.

The innovative combination of document and business process management offered by d.velop delivers a strong platform for efficiency in the office. A vast range of business tasks are streamlined, including automatic mailbox or incoming invoice processing, contract management, process or quality management, and e-mail management. Whatever your application scenario, the solution presents you with precisely those options actually needed to perform the task at hand, rather than burdening you with an overabundance of functions.

And, owing to digital document management, you can keep track of all information throughout their entire lifecycle. A customizable, fine-grained access rights and role system further allows you to configure document access down to the user level. What this means is that each employee who opens a digital record will only see the parts they are authorized to access, even though the actual record may contain many more documents.

Efficient DMS/BPM Solutions Made by d.velop

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