Accounts Payable Processing

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Accounts Payable Processing

Manually recording incoming invoices involves an enormous amount of time and a lot of expense. Optimize your accounts payable process with a digital solution. Achieve faster cycle times thanks to our accounts payable workflow and increase transparency throughout the process. The solution is fully integrated into your financial accounting system, making managing incoming invoices a very simple task.

Wondering how you too can benefit? Cost savings of up to 50%.

Perfect Design, Perfect Function Range.

Review, approval, account assignment

Working with the accounts payable processing tool is just like placing your stamp on paper-based documents – except that it is so much simpler, more intuitive, less prone to errors, significantly faster and more convenient.

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Here is why:

  • All invoices and other key information is stored in the digital archive in a legally compliant manner, allowing for easy-as-can-be access at any time.
  • Modern, transparent interfaces and intuitive user guidance guarantee that your employees can process all invoices quickly and conveniently.
  • For example, if any document is scanned more than once, a corresponding alert is issued. For you this means that you are aware of possible issues at the very start of the accounts payable processing.
  • Moreover, you can check for conformity with Section 14 of the German VAT Act, which makes it easy to identify invoices with formal flaws.

Getting smarter every day

The d.velop accounts payable processing solution even learns from your input. A built-in auto trainer automatically generates relevant extraction rules, thus continuously improving the recognition engine.

Customers, that rely on Accounts Payable Processing

Fond of Bags

Every bill got a stamp. Each one was brought through the whole office. With a processing time of five to ten minutes, a few working hours can be added up. That was an extremely time-consuming and manual process. We wanted to simplify that.

Tobias Kaus
Software and IT expert
Fond of Bags

Parador GmbH

Accounts payable processing lowers costs, improves the ability to provide information and, thanks to more efficient processing, ultimately leads to faster closing.

Günter Winkler
Head of IT
Parador GmbH

Flexible. Individual. Fast.

Flexible integration

Seamless integration with your procurement and financial accounting processes means that the captured invoice data is automatically transferred to your accounting or ERP system via an XML interface. There, the data is reconciled and then processed as usual.

The flexible interface concept supports virtually any accounting or ERP system.

Easy extension

You can complement the function range of your accounts payable processing solution by adding any other d.velop module at any time, thus seamlessly expanding your document management capibilities at your own pace.

By the way: You can even release documents on the go to speed up things.

Customizable for the perfect fit

The details of each of the four processing steps – initial account assignment, verification on the content level, sign-off, as well as final account allocation – can be configured to ensure smooth interaction with your specific verification and release procedures.

As each individual step is logged, all authorized employees as well as the project manager or the person in charge of the cost center are always up to date on the current processing status. This also means that they can provide immediate answers to queries from customers or colleagues.

If the person in charge is sick or on holiday, pending tasks are automatically forwarded to the designated substitute. This all but eliminates idle periods.

Added value from standard processes.

Invoices arrive in the same way in practically every company. The methods used to process invoices are also very similar across industries. Our solution brochure provides a general overview of the benefits of the benefits of accounts payable processing.
Optimize your processes – whatever systems you use. Whether SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX or Microsoft SharePoint, d.velop offers the optimal solution for you processes

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Connection to SAP

The accounts payable processing is developed specially for SAP and automates the manual processing of your invoices. Create comprehensive transparency throughout the process, increase your ability to provide information and reduce your costs.

"Microsoft Dynamics NAV AX Integration" - Icon

Connection to Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX

Everything at a glance and available for everybody with only one click. Automatic reading of invoices streamlines and simplifies the processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX. Digital workflows make the handling of billing questions a routine task.

"Microsoft SharePoint Integration" - Integration

Connection to SharePoint

Accounts payable processing for Microsoft SharePoint provides automated identification, digital validation, and cost allocation. And this even in combination with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. The documents are available throughout the company.

This is how you benefit:

  • Thoroughly proven standard solution
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing ERP/financial accounting systems
  • Provides immediate access to ERP/FA data or export files (e.g. databases, CSV)
  • Possible to pass on data to financial accounting for direct booking
  • Dual control principle
  • Reduced error rates thanks to automatic duplicate check
  • Freely configurable, multi-level approval procedures
  • Low training requirements
  • Shorter processing cycles and no transport or idle times
  • Process expenditure can be reduced by up to 75%
  • Results in valuable discounts and facilitates the timely preparation of monthly statements

Do you have any questions?

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