Sharepoint digital invoice processing

Digital invoice processing with Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

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Save time, money, and resources with a digital SharePoint invoice workflow.

  • AI-based invoice recognition
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams & Outlook
  • Seamless integration with existing systems (ERP, accounting, and inventory management)
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Invoice Workflow with SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365

d.velop provides features with d.velop invoices for Microsoft 365 that automate the digital invoice workflow directly in SharePoint. Speed up your accounts payable processes (coding, review, and approval processes) and keep track.

  • Optimization of information retrieval in daily work
  • Utilization of the existing Microsoft 365 platform
  • Transfer of booking data via standard interface to common ERP systems
  • 22 minutes minutes saved with the digital processing of invoices.
  • 11 saved per invoice with a digital invoice workflow.
  • 2 days saved in the processing time of an invoice.
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Process optimization thanks to seamless system communication

“For us it was most important to find a solution that integrates seamlessly into our Microsoft SharePoint business strategy. Upon recommendation of acoris AG, our solution partner in the Microsoft SharePoint area, we became aware of d.velop AG. With d.velop for Microsoft 365, we finally found the suitable solution platform to gradually implement process optimizations that support us in the company-critical areas.”

Toralf Grimm, IT-Project leader IDEAL Automotive GmbH

Digital processing of incoming invoices with Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft 365 – Perfect design, perfect functionality

Review, approval, account assignment

Working with the accounts payable tool is like putting a stamp on paper documents – with the difference that it is so much easier, more intuitive, less error-prone, much faster and more convenient.

These are the reasons

  • All invoices and other important information are stored in the digital archive in compliance with the law, so that uncomplicated access is possible at any time.
  • Modern, transparent interfaces and intuitive user guidance ensure that your employees can process all invoices quickly and conveniently.
  • For example, if a document is scanned several times, a corresponding warning is issued. For you, this means that you are already aware of potential problems at the beginning of accounts payable processing.
  • In addition, you can check conformity with § 14 UStG, which makes it easy to identify invoices with formal errors.

Microsoft SharePoint incoming invoice processing – added value through integration

Invoices arrive in virtually every company in the same way. […]
Optimise your processes – whatever systems you work with. Whether SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV / AX), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Central / Finance and Operations) or other ERP systems, d.velop for Microsoft 365 offers the optimal solution for your processes

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Integrate Dynamics 365

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