SAP electronic invoicing workflow

Your SAP electronic invoicing workflow fully digitalized

Easily enter, check and approve invoices in SAP

  • Seamless integration
  • SAP master data export
  • Archive migration
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  • 14 days can take time to check/release a paper invoice.
  • 11 EUR costs to process a paper invoice.
  • 0.5 % of all paper invoices get lost.

Invoice workflow in SAP „step-by-step“

Invoice receipt: Import via flexible input channels

Paper documents are fed into a scanner, digitized as PDF files, and imported. If an invoice arrives in digital form via email, such as an X-Rechnung or in ZUGFeRD format, it is fully automated and transferred into the software.

Invoice receipt Import flexible-input channels

Automated invoice capture

Capture all incoming invoices, whether they are in paper, email, ZUGFeRD, or XRechnung format. All relevant booking information, such as invoice and purchase order numbers, dates, creditors, and line item data, are automatically extracted and transferred to SAP.

Automated invoice capture SAP

Automated invoice transfer to SAP

The digitized invoices are automatically transferred to the SAP system, pre-processed, and distributed for review. The d.velop invoice workflow is an SAP Business Workflow that is fully integrated into SAP.

data extraction

Improve efficiency with the digital invoice workflow in SAP 

The d.velop incoming invoice processing solution for SAP allows automated booking, verification, and approval of invoices in every company. It does not matter whether these are invoices with SAP purchase order references (MM) or cost invoices (FI). The invoice workflow is seamlessly connected to your SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. Verification and approval processes can also be integrated via the SAP Fiori app. The solution is fully integrated into the ordering and financial accounting system.

SAP invoice workflow highlights at a glance 

Work seamlessly across locations 

Avoid media gaps and reduce scope for human error 

Reduce costs through faster processing 

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Increase efficiency through maximum transparency 

Substantive examination and approval

The substantive examination and multi-level approval, with or without reference to a purchase order, can be carried out either directly in the SAP Business Workplace or through a web interface. The status of each invoice can be accessed with the click of a button. Approvals and reviews can also be done via smartphone.

Substantive examination approval

Seamless integration into SAP

The digital invoice processing seamlessly integrates into your existing SAP system and is directly connected to your procurement processes and accounting workflows.

Seamless integration into SAP

Tamper-proof archiving: Keeping all invoices in view

The booked invoices are securely stored in the digital archive and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Access is controlled through individual authorization structures, ensuring the integrity and security of the archived documents.

Tamper-proof archiving

SAP invoice workflow highlights at a glance: 

  • Workflow integrated into SAP 
  • Shorter processing times without transport and waiting times 
  • Reduction of transaction costs by up to 75% 
  • Variable mapping of company processes in the workflow 
  • Item-level factual verification and release (unlimited levels)
  • Cash discounts and timely month-end closing 
  • Central data management without redundant copies 
  • Lower error rate thanks to automated duplicate checks 
  • Cross-location checking via smartphone app 
  • Analysis via statistics report (throughput times, users involved, numbers of unexplained items, etc.)

This is what our customers say about digital invoice processing in SAP 

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Blog article on digital invoice processing in SAP

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SAP competence by d.velop 

As an official partner of SAP AG, our solutions are SAP-certified. d.velop AG can be your perfect team of SAP experts, because SAP is a fixture in d.velop’s own strategy. The company also has its own SAP center. 

  • d.velop is a long-time certified SAP partner. 
  • Developed within your own namespace 
  • More than 700 customers use d.velop products in the SAP environment 
  • Dedicated SAP center with experienced SAP advisors and SAP developers 

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