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Securely store data directly in the d.velop cloud storage

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Simply and securely store your critical business documents with the d.velop cloud storage.

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d.velop cloud storage

Safely archive with d.velop’s cloud storage.

With d.velop cloud storage, you can now eliminate the need for in-house storage systems in your data center and securely, efficiently, and compliantly archive your critical business data. This eliminates the need for secondary storage systems, which can be costly in terms of procurement, maintenance and operation. This perspective is provided by d.velop cloud storage..

Here’s how d.velop cloud storage works

Based on the IDW PS880-certified d.velop documents, the data is encrypted both during transport and storage. Encryption is carried out within your responsibility, for example, using a private key. In this process, the cloud operator has no access to your stored data.

Subsequently, d.velop ensures that the deletion deadlines for stored documents, as specified by the Document Management System (DMS), are adhered to. When documents are accessed again, they are encrypted during download, locally decoded, and displayed in your DMS. Accordingly, your data is exclusively operated and stored on certified systems in Germany and the Netherlands, with no further transfer.

Data encryption

Upon the entry of data into the electronic file, it is encrypted locally and within your responsibility.

Signature Circulation or Signature Workflow

Legally compliant storage and archiving

The encrypted data is seamlessly and automatically transported to the cloud and stored there. In accordance with legal requirements, the data is archived in a tamper-proof manner and handled according to the specified retention periods.

Creation of a new contract

Retrieval of existing data

Retrieved documents are always downloaded in encrypted form, locally decoded and made available for your processing.

Creation Process

The suitable cloud storage provider for your organization

We rely on the following cloud providers

While cloud solutions have become the absolute standard in private and free-market environments, heavily regulated markets still have significant catching up to do. Compliance requirements play a central role, especially in regulated industries such as public service, healthcare, or finance. That’s precisely why we choose the appropriate providers based on your needs for your use cases.

Logo Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing services. In the realm of data storage within the AWS cloud environment, you have the flexibility to freely choose the location of your data in Europe.

Logo Open Telekom Cloud

Open Telekom Cloud (OTC)

As a European provider, the cloud solution of Deutsche Telekom, the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), has become particularly prominent. Thanks to its own server locations in Europe, the Open Telekom Cloud complies with numerous compliance requirements. Exclusive data storage in Germany is possible.

The advantages in overview

Reduced maintenance effort

Focus on your core business. Don’t spend unnecessary time on the administration of your storage system. Quickly and easily leverage the cloud service. And we handle the administration for you.

Audit trail security

With d.velop cloud storage, the implementation of a tamper-proof storage is ensured. d.velop is happy to support your auditor with appropriate documentation.

Clear cost situation

Billing is done in increments of 100 GB per month. The storage adapts to your needs and unused storage space cannot accumulate.

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