DMS for SAP Business ByDesign: How to manage documents easily

Published September 7, 2023

Sven Schmökel ECM Consulting GmbH

Seamlessly integrate SAP Business ByDesign with a Document Management System (DMS) for efficient, cost-effective handling of essential assets, streamlining processes, and empowering smooth employee management.

Definition SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) is a cloud-based ERP software, delivered as software-as-a-service by SAP SE. Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it offers comprehensive business processes, covering finance, human resources management, and more, all integrated with business analytics, mobility, e-learning, and support features.

How SAP Business ByDesign users make their business even more successful with a DMS

Regardless of your company’s size, cloud solutions offer a seamless entry into the new system, enabling swift optimization of business processes. Benefit from high scalability, ensuring seamless growth while avoiding excessive investment costs. Nonetheless, managing documents across different locations over time can become challenging, leading to potential inefficiencies in workflows.

Find documents quickly and conveniently in the future

A cloud DMS not only complements the well-known benefits of cloud solutions but also offers a sustainable digitization boost. With the ability to digitize and organize all crucial documents, work-relevant information becomes easily accessible, regardless of timezone or location. Moreover, a DMS establishes a centralized knowledge repository, streamlining information retrieval, and enhancing collaboration within the company by enabling universal access to shared data.

Holistically digitize your business processes

Seamlessly digitize and organize both incoming and outgoing invoices, paving the way for advanced solutions like automated incoming invoice processing with our integration solution.

4 reasons to utilize digital invoice processing for SAP Business ByDesign users

  1. Automation of incoming invoices
    Integrate DMS into SAP Business ByDesign ERP and access master data seamlessly and match it with digitized incoming invoices using custom invoice workflows. Streamline invoice checks and direct assignments, ensuring efficient processing and accurate allocation
  2. Advantage in recruiting skilled workers
    By seamlessly integrating it into a Document Management System (DMS), organizations can offer hybrid working arrangements that prioritize security and ensure consistent operational efficiency.
  3. Legally compliant archiving
    In the system, various document types can be assigned different legal retention periods, ensuring that premature document deletion is avoided.
  4. Increase efficiency and reduce costs
    Insights from Leibniz University indicate that processing a paper invoice consumes an average of 11 euros and takes up to 14 days for companies. Such inefficiencies pose a risk of inefficient time management and potential financial losses. By automating incoming invoice processing, these figures can be significantly improved. The best part is, this transformation requires no hefty initial investments.

Version management with logging is available for all documents archived in the system. This ensures all changes are traceable.

This is how the integration of SAP Business ByDesign with a DMS works

Thanks to advanced cloud-based interface technology, establishing a connection between an ERP system and a DMS is simplified into just a few steps. All essential components can be easily acquired from the d.velop store, enabling a swift onboarding process tailored to the user’s needs. With the user-oriented approach, getting started takes only a few hours, allowing for personalized customization of all processes to suit individual requirements.

How does the integration work in detail? In the webinar, we provide more detailed insights into the connection of both worlds and which added values can be achieved through the integration.

A guide to automated procure-to-pay processes in SAP

Added value for the whole company

By implementing a document management system (DMS), companies set the stage for enhanced process efficiency and cost reduction, laying important foundations for a secure future. With DMS integration, businesses strengthen their SAP Business ByDesign, unlocking even greater success and embarking on a journey towards digitized invoice processing.