The Digital Signature and Interfaces to existing work environments

Work how and where you want with the digital signature API

The digital signature API enables full integration into your existing software interfaces. This means that nothing stands in the way of the end-to-end digitization of your document processes:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to integrate
  • eIDAS compliant signature
Digital signature interfaces
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d.velop documents / d.3one

Use the interface and sign with d.velop sign in d.3one on-premises or in the cloud with d.velop documents.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is your tool of choice? Sign your documents directly in SharePoint with the standard integration.

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Your own integration

You want to integrate d.velop sign into your own tools?
No problem! With a look into the API this should be no problem for you and your team.

Sign digitally exactly where you want.

The digital signature from d.velop can be seamlessly integrated into your leading systems. With the help of the standardized API and public documentation, it’s a snap. But so that you don’t always have to resort to manual steps, there are standard integrations for Microsoft SharePoint, SAP and Salesforce.

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Microsoft 365 + SharePoint

You use SharePoint in your company? No problem! Sign directly from your SharePoint or Microsoft 365 environment.


SAP is the leading system in your company? Take the chance and learn how easy it is to sign from the SAP environment.

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Your company already relies on innovative cloud solutions like Salesforce CRM? Take the opportunity and marry the worlds.

Digitally sign and release contracts faster

Use the digital signature exactly where you need it:

  • Upload document
  • Sign digitally, legally secure
  • Start signature circulation
  • Download and save documents
  • Make available directly to external participants
Eletronic signature level

Using the d.velop sign API

Take a look at the public API documentation and get started right away. And if you get stuck, the d.velop sign team is of course available to answer your questions.