Digital personnel file for SAP

Your digital personnel file for SAP

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All personal documents at a glance at any time

  • Seamless integration
  • SAP master data export
  • Archive migration
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Digital personnel file in SAP

Digital personnel files seamlessly integrated
into our SAP HR system

The digital personnel file for SAP digitizes and automates your document-based HR processes, ensuring greater transparency. The file manages all personnel documents – from application materials and contracts to salary statements and sick leave notices – accelerating the processing of HR workflows. The personnel file enhances information retrieval capabilities and ensures security through individually configurable access rights, granting access only to authorized personnel for your HR documents.

sap personnel files for successfactors and hcm
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Whitepaper SAP Personnel file

The digital personnel file for your SAP ERP

Do you spend a lot of your time searching for documents? Some of your applications are still on paper, certificates are stored in the digital file system, and employment contracts are filed both digitally and in the filing cabinet.

Who can keep track of it all?

This white paper will show you what centralized personnel files would look like in your SAP HCM and explain how to optimize your HR processes for the future.

Digital personnel file SAP features

Funktions of the digital personnel file in SAP

Benefit from the features of a digital personnel file in your leading HR system, such as SAP HCM or SAP SuccessFactors. With a natively integrated digital personnel file, all relevant personnel documents are digital and quickly accessible.

Single point of truth for your personnel documents

With the digital personnel file, you have a single point of truthfor your personnel records and documents within the company.This enables you to have a unified and digital file management system, providing all personnel documents in a structured registry, especially when using multiple HR systems.

  • Easy Retrieval of Personnel Documents
  • Clear presentation of all information related to an employee
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Natively integrated into your leading HR system

View personnel documents directly within your HR system, work on them, and easily store them—all within your familiar system. The filing of personnel documents into the personnel file from SAP HCM is done through the d.velop ArchiveLink for SAP interfaces. In the case of SAP SuccessFactors, this is accomplished through the SAP SuccessFactors API.

sap personnel files for successfactors and hcm

Expansion stage: utilize ECM functionalities

In addition to traditional document management system (DMS) functionalities such as secure archiving, digital file management, and workflows, focus on a comprehensive digitization of your HR processes:

  • Use d.velop postbox for legally secure and digital delivery of salary statements
  • Utilize d.velop sign for electronic and GDPR-compiant signatures
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More content on digital HR processes with SAP

Advantages of the digital personnel file for SAP at a glance 

Transparent and secure 

The SAP digital personnel file maps and emulates all the file structures you are used to from traditional directory systems. Customizable authorization structures and secure encryption ensures that unauthorized parties cannot gain access to sensitive data. The entire process is GDPR-compliant. 


It doesn’t matter whether incoming documents are scanned directly at the respective employee’s workplace or whether they are distributed across multiple locations and transmitted to a central HR department: The data is always centrally accessible via SAP employee personnel files within the document management system. 


Digital personnel files reduce the time taken to process HR matters. The system reduces your administration costs while increasing the availability of information. That’s because users can then locate all the details from any folder whenever they need it, even if the file hasn’t been accessed for years. 


You have further open questions? Then simply book a consultation appointment.

d.velop personnel files for SAP
Digital personnel files in SAP storage process