Trolli GmbH digitize now its accounts payable process for SAP


Trolli GmbH

Trolli GmbH is Germany’s second largest supplier of fruit-flavored gelatin snacks and relies on d.velop’s solutions for incoming invoice processing for SAP.

It’s a family-owned business located in Fürth, is a market leader in Europe and worldwide with its extensive product portfolio of fruit-flavored gelatin creations.

Project aims and goals

With the aim of optimizing both its intercompany processes and cooperation among various locations, the company chose to digitize its incoming invoice processing for SAP with solutions by d.velop.

With its eye on the future, Trolli GmbH is aiming to reach more milestones on its path to becoming a digital company. It plans to implement patent, brand and contract management using solutions by d.velop AG in the near future.

Both implementation and operation of incoming invoice processing for SAP is based on virtualized environments.