Sana Management Service GmbH chooses agile implementation methods for its digitization strategy.

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Project scope and aims

As part of the overall digitization strategy of the Sana Group, Sana Management Service GmbH had multiple specific implementation requirements for supplying information more efficiently within its organization and optimizing its processes, which were still highly conventional.
The original approach, which involved implementing these requirements on several proprietary environments, was quickly reviewed and discarded in favor of an implementation based on the established Sana Group standard for MS SharePoint.

The most significant factor for choosing d.velop AG as a long-term partner was its high level of competence in all facets of consulting and its collaborative approach at every level, not to mention its ready-made quality management and contract management solutions based on the Sana Group standard for MS-SharePoint.

Dr. Christian Mayr
Head of the Law and Organization Department, Data Protection Officer
SANA IT Services GmbH

The specific identified projects to be implemented within a 6-month time window include:

  1. Establishing a “digital workplace,” an appealing web-based landing page from which all staff can access frequently used specialist applications, including personal work areas and the visualization of personal workflow tasks that need to be processed
  2. Providing an electronic investment application and approval workflow
  3. Providing a quality management solution (QM) for supporting the creation, review, approval and enforcement of SOPs (standard operation procedures such as handling instructions, standards, policies, hygiene plans, and so on) and ensuring that they are supplied to all the relevant people
  4. Providing a contract management solution (CM) for managing all the relevant contracts with deadline management and monitoring and proactive announcements of terminations or extensions, along with a digital process for creating orders (the use of sample templates, communication between applicants and the CM department regarding workflow tasks)

The implementation parameters and adjustments required were worked out in a very short time in highly concentrated analytical workshops.
Since there were certain areas of interpretation regarding the specified implementation parameters and, in particular, the adjustment parameters, Sana Management und Service GmbH followed the recommendation of d.velop AG to use agile methods as the basis for the implementation.
The solution is implemented and operated on virtualized environments by the Sana Group’s data center service provider.