Document management in the automotive industry

Digitalization in the automotive industry

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Rely on digital processes in your business operations and connect all areas of the automotive industry – from production to administration.

  • Collaborative document management system
  • AI-based information processes
  • Seamless integration into third-party systems
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Digitalization in the Automotive Industry

Fulfilling the growing demands of the automotive sector with d.velop

d.velop platform

With the products of the d.velop platform, we are helping to digitalize the automotive industry in order to optimize document-based business processes. The automation of production and the use of the latest technologies for networking machines and employees play an important role nowadays. The management of the associated documents and information must be able to cope with this development and grow with it efficiently. Using d.velop products enables the following:

  • Manage and archive documents quickly and easily
  • Manage invoices digitally and automatically
  • Manage contracts successfully
  • Legally compliant & digitally sign documents
  • Centralize and automate HR processes


Make your invoice process an enjoyable, digital experience

Invoice processing is a great example. Manual invoice processing drains you of valuable resources like energy, time, money and the ability to focus on more meaningful work. Yet the whole process can be seamlessly digitalized. Let the machines do the heavy lifting for you! Watch our Smart Invoice Processing webinar and learn how to automatize your invoice workflow.

d.velop blog

Exciting articles on digitalization in the automotive industry can be found here

We also cover industry-specific content on the d.velop blog. Because the implementation of digitalization in the automotive sector is the challenge of the coming years. That’s why we explain, accompany and illustrate the process for you!

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