Digitizing business processes at ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH

ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft ist Kunde der d.velop AG

ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH

In 1992, the District of Stendal and the cities of Stendal, Tangerhütte and Tangermünde in Germany founded a municipal company with the then name ALS Abfallentsorgungsgesellschaft mbH. ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft  is now an accredited and certified waste management facility commissioned to provide waste management services throughout the District of Stendal. The company includes waste management departments and sub-areas for public waste disposal providers, waste consulting, public engagement and financial accounting.

For ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH, the changeover to d.3ecm has proven itself to be the correct and cost-effective decision. In IT-Consult Halle GmbH, ALS found a partner to meet all its requirements, and that was always available to respond to questions or problems competently.

Hendrik Galster
Head of Controlling/IT
ALS Dienstlesitungsgesellschaft mbH

The introduction of d.3ecm at ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH

Osterburg-based ALS Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH is a municipal company owned by the District of Stendal in Germany. ALS collects waste produced from private households and other sources in the District of Stendal for recycling or disposal.  ALS  incorporates  waste management departments along with sub-areas for  waste consulting and public engagement, financial accounting and fee collection. Private waste disposal companies are commissioned to perform waste disposal services.

Initial situation

When its previous DMS solution provider Easy-Archiv changed its pricing policy, the company started looking for alternatives. In 2015, it chose the ECM solution from the company d.velop AG based in Gescher, Germany. For the implementation, it chose IT-Consult Halle GmbH, a company with the right expertise in both the d.3ecm and SAP environments, as its partner.


In the first step, digital partner file was mapped and integrated with the SAP Waste and Recycling module. All notifications of charges are now automatically stored in the file through the d.link for archivelink interface. Using the d.3ecm workflow, incoming mail is also digitally processed by the appropriate staff members and assigned to the file. The number of documents to be archived annually is 150,000. The business partner file is accessed directly from the SAP application to do so. The second step is the rollout of digital invoice processing with SAP Business Workflow. The introduction of digital personnel files, d.3ecm contract management and complaints processing based on d.3ecm case management is planned for 2018.

Project partner:

IT-Consult Halle GmbH offers comprehensive products and services for municipalities and municipal institutions and is the main IT service provider for the City of Halle, its utility associations and around 250 other customers, primarily from the local community. They include scientific institutes, national and regional authorities, districts, cities, local authorities, supply and disposal companies, hospitals, housing associations, municipal corporations and other public bodies.