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SAP procurement process stages

Build your digital procurement process with SAP products from d.velop 

Using SAP? Then you already have the perfect basis to completely digitalize your Procure-to-Pay process, also sometimes referred to as Procure-to-Pay. But why would you want to go digital? 

Procuring materials is complex, comprising five individual steps – from purchase requisition to payment (Procure-to-Pay, or P2P for short). The graphic shows all the different components involved. 

Not so complicated, right? Remember that the individual sub-processes include incoming documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. These must be processed and approved, all by different employees across different departments. 

SAP offers some solutions for a few sub-steps. However, the procurement process is not considered as a whole. Individual workflows are not connected to form an end-to-end process. Switching between digital and analog processes and all the risks that entails is part of the design. 

It’s time to invest in an all-encompassing Procure-to-Pay process based on SAP. 

If the procure-to-pay process is not mapped end-to-end in SAP, there will be stumbling blocks: 

  • A lack of checks in purchase order processes can result in wild buying behavior (the maverick buying effect). This means a department can end up buying goods or services without involving the purchase department. 
  • Long waits for approvals and the resulting long processing times lead to reminder fees and the loss of cash discounts. 
  • A lack of transparency in the process increases the loss of control and leads to breaches of company guidelines. 
  • Manual steps in the process are very time-consuming, which often leads to dissatisfied employees. 

These stumbling blocks ultimately have a negative impact not only on employee satisfaction, but also on the company’s bottom line. Potential advantages cannot be leveraged – advantages your competitors may have already secured. You too can reap the benefits of an optimized P2P process with a document management system integrated into SAP. 

Advantages of a digital Procure-to-Pay process 

  • Reduce process costs. Electronic procurement reduces process costs in purchasing by an average of 30% (BME e.V. study). 
  • Enjoy discounts for early payment and avoid fines for late payment. 
  • Gain full transparency across all procurement processes in SAP and the DMS. Overview of all orders, invoices, goods, and payments. 
  • Lower purchase prices. Stopping maverick buying reduces purchase prices by an average of 7% (according to a study by the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics). 
  • High level of process automation. Direct pre-entry in the SAP system eliminates the need for manual data transfer. 
  • No wasted time. Authorized parties and deputies are clearly defined to avoid deadlocks. 
  • Audit-compliant archiving All important information such as purchase requisitions, approvals, and purchase orders are automatically archived in accordance with legal requirements. 
  • Free up capacity. Reducing time spent on manual tasks frees capacity for more important things. 
Procure To Pay Whitepaper

Whitepaper: In 4 steps to an automated procurement process

Download the whitepaper now and learn on 18 pages how to automate your procurement process. From the as-is analysis to the digitization of the individual sub-processes.

  1. step: Create purchase requisition & trigger order
  2. step: Check goods receipt
  3. step: Check & release invoices
  4. step: Trigger purchase order & document storage

Get insights into what a digital procurement process looks like and the advantages it offers over a traditional process.

Our internal processes were rigid and flawed. d.velop helped us define our Procure-to-Pay processes more clearly and dramatically improve our processing time. 

Bernd Raabe,
Messer Information Services GmbH 

Digital purchase- or procure-to-pay process

Four solutions that make your procurement process even more powerful 

You need a digital solution that connects individual steps with each other, covering each stage of the Procure-to-Pay process. 

d.velop’s solutions extend your SAP environment, adding the components you need. How? Four software solutions especially developed for SAP provide what you need. 

  • Easy-to-use purchase requisition and order processing with the d.velop procurement workflow for SAP ERP. 
  • Clear and central overview in SAP warehouse management with d.velop delivery note logging for SAP ERP. 
  • Invoice management with d.velop incoming invoice processing for SAP ERP. 
  • Overview of all process-related documents in a digital folder with d.velop smart folders for SAP ERP 

SAP competence by d.velop 

Are you looking for a team of experts who’ve been working in the SAP ERP environment for years? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

SAP is a fixture in d.velop’s own strategy. The company also has its own SAP center. 

  • d.velop is a long-time certified SAP partner. 
  • More than 700 customers use d.velop products in the SAP environment 
  • Our SAP customers  include:  
  • Westfleisch SCE mbH, Weber GmbH & Co. KG, Eismann Tiefkühl Heimservice GmbH 
  • Dedicated SAP centre with experienced SAP advisors and SAP developers. 

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