About Paperflow

Paperflow has a dedicated focus on replacing the human ability to decode invoices and other documents with automated processes. We build intelligent solutions on top of state-of-the-art OCR and other scanning tools from well-known players of data solutions (Google, Microsoft, AWS). We develop an AI based engine and use extensive amounts of data to train algorithms to extract data from PDF’s, papers, photos etc.
To secure continuous improvement of extraction results, Paperflow invested in own validation tools and a nearshore team. We have full control of the flow from document to validated data. Paperflow is an easy-to-use service, that can be integrated with clients’ existing flows in a matter of days. Our API is efficient and well developed, and we can receive documents in several different ways.

In 2021 the focus is on shaking off the impact of corona and expand in local (DK, SE, NO, UK) markets. In Q3 2021 Paperflow will launch a new service aiming at penetrating the enterprise market as well as the SMV segment – in short, the service will give the end user greater control of data and enable automation even better. In 2022 Paperflow will invest in international expansion – pinpointing relevant geographies during Q4 2021.