Worfklow Management /BPM

Map. Automate. Introduce Flexible Structures.

Business Process Management (BPM)

d.velop business process management (BPM) brings digital efficiency to previously analog workflows. The solution facilitates the creation of workflows to get your daily tasks done smoothly and efficiently. In today’s digital business world, business processes never stay the same for long as they constantly need to be adapted to changing market demands. On top of this, customers expect you to respond faster and faster. BPM from d.velop provides you with tools for creating digital workflows that map your processes. The solution then assists you in automating the process flow, allowing for vastly more flexible and efficient business operations.

Benefits include improved process quality, more consistent workflows and thus greatly improved transparency (status overview, documentation, reporting). BPM reduces processing times and costs, makes information much more easily available and introduces seamless, consistent workflows.

Draw on workflow screens or forms to capture and evaluate data which is then used to control processes in a simple and effective manner.

Individual Analysis and Consulting

BPM supports a broad range of functions, including load-balanced incoming mail distribution, incoming invoice processing, claim and complaint management, complex approval procedures and master data processes. The ability to connect external systems via certified interfaces or to create a dynamic form that can be used in multiple processes gives you precisely what you need to accurately map your processes and rapidly implement the digital workflow!

Automatic data transfer also reduces the risk of human error and thus contributes to improving overall process quality.

d.velop not only delivers the software solution, but we also offer expert analysis and consulting services perfectly aligned with your specific structures.

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