As much cloud as you want.

When, how and at what speed? You decide how to migrate to the cloud.

The cloud how it’s meant to be!

IT departments play a central role in the successful management of digital change in companies. Only companies introducing innovations to the market in an agile, fast and efficient way will be successful in the long term. To meet these requirements, many companies make use of cloud technologies adding flexibility, scalability and speed to the internal IT environment. Despite the gains in speed, the high expectations regarding compliance and data protection also need to be met – a fine line to tread for IT officers. Hybrid cloud solutions help to master the trade-off!

With hybrid cloud solutions, companies can master treading this fine line. You should not have to decide whether to use the cloud for everything or nothing at all. The cloud should adapt to the individual requirements of customers. d.velop platform connect offers d.velop d.3ecm customers the option to run their document management services locally, in a hybrid solution or in the cloud as they wish. In addition, d.velop platform connect establishes the connection between an on-premises d.3ecm system and the d.velop platform. This means that you as an on-premises customer can also book cloud apps such as d.velop sign and d.velop enterprise search without any media discontinuities.

Use the cloud only when you want to. Overview of d.velop platform connect.

  • d.velop platform connect establishes the connection between your on-premises d.3ecm system and the d.velop platform.
  • Your existing system can be expanded with additional apps through the connection to the platform. Apps can be used without any media discontinuities from your d.3one interface.
  • For the hybrid operation of d.3ecm, your infrastructure components are migrated to the cloud. This means you now longer have to maintain and operate these components.
  • Using d.velop platform connect gives you the option to replace further services with cloud apps one by one.

A new start is always great. Your benefits of the hybrid cloud summarized.

Higher security. More flexibility. Faster innovations.

Freedom icon

Free choice instead of all or nothing

Freely decide which services you want to operate in the cloud now and which ones later. This enables you to run sensitive services in your own data center and uncritical processes in the cloud.

Innovation icon

Your motor for more innovation

Book d.velop cloud apps also as an on-premises customer and expand your system by mouse click with standardized cloud services. The d.velop platform will become your motor for more innovation.

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Security for your investment

Regardless of which operating model is initially used, your investment is secure in the long term in case of a switch to the cloud. You decide when and how fast you will go to the cloud.

Hybrid cloud operation in 3 steps.

High entry barriers are for us not desirable. We want to make your start of hybrid operation as easy as possible. We and our certified partners therefore perform all the necessary steps to make your system ready for hybrid operation.

Important: An up-to-date d.3ecm system is a prerequisite for using d.velop platform connect. Your d.3ecm is already running the most recent version? Perfect, we will take care of the rest:

1. Booking of a d.velop cloud client.

In the first step, we provide a d.velop cloud client for you and your company. Just communicate the domain of your choice to us

2. Operation of the d.3ecm infrastructure components.

In hybrid operation, we deploy the d.3ecm infrastructure components for you in the cloud. This means you no longer need to worry about maintenance, operation and updating.

3. Connection to the d.velop platform.

Finally, we will establish the connection between your local system and your cloud client. This includes setting up the d.3one home app.

Any further questions?

You have further questions regarding the migration to cloud? Or would you like to arrange an appointment for an individual demo?