ESPC20 Online, Europe’s largest gathering of the M365 community is finally here. Stefan Osterkamp, our business development manager for Microsoft solutions, has compiled his highlights of the ESPC20 week.

Over 100 exciting sessions and two days of workshops that offer the opportunity to explore new topics in depth. Every session is presented by someone who is either responsible for the product himself or who ist well-known expert in his or her field – so it is not so easy to decide which one to follow.    

So, here they are – the “don’t miss” sessions!

ESPC20 – My top picks for Wednesday 14th:  

Working with Microsoft Lists   

Lists is a new product in the Microsoft 365 platform. It offers great possibilities to organize yourself or your team quickly and easily. Prefabricated list templates for recurring tasks, a deep integration in teams or the combination with the power platform offer the suitable possibility for extremely many requirements in the professional everyday life.    

Mark Kashman is directly responsible for the product as product manager at Microsoft and can therefore give first-hand tips and tricks. That he can transport content to others well, he proves regularly with the “Intrazone Podcast”.    

Project Cortex: Knowledge Discovery and Content Intelligence in Microsoft 365  

Project Cortex turns the information stored and processed in Microsoft 365 into usable knowledge. The first product released a few days ago was SharePoint Syntex. It enables content in files or images to be automatically recognized and categorized. This helps, for example, to identify the relevant aspects in a contract or the important key points of an invoice. Based on the recognized information, metadata can be assigned, and business processes can be started automatically. This enables many new use cases in the Microsoft 365 environment. Further products have already been announced within the framework of Project Cortex, so there will certainly be an outlook on what lies beyond.    

Chris McNulty and Naomi Moneypenny have been working for many months towards the release of the first product and are certainly the first people to talk to about this topic.    

10 Ways to Apply Office 365 Retention Labels to Meet your Retention Needs  

Retention Labels offer exciting possibilities in the Microsoft 365 environment, which in my opinion, wrongly, are not yet known to many. With the help of Retention Labels, retention policies can be linked to content. This can, for example, be a basis for revision security in the Microsoft 365 environment.    

Few people are as deeply involved in this environment as Joanne Klein.  

KEYNOTE: Microsoft 365 Collaboration Update  

This choice is probably no surprise. Jeff Teper is the father of SharePoint and responsible for teams, OneDrive and SharePoint at Microsoft.  He sums up where the applications stand today and will certainly be able to give an outlook on what we can expect in the coming months.  

ESPC20Thursday also offers some very interesting sessions:  

Transforming the City of London Corporation  

The City of London has been relying on Microsoft 365 for some time now. As part of the implementation project, many previously used systems for intranet or ECM had to be replaced and migrated to M365. Zoe Wilson will report first-hand on the experiences and lessons learned  

Search Where You’re Already Working with Microsoft Search: Vision, Strategy, Roadmap  

Microsoft Search enables information to be found quickly inside and outside of M365, regardless of the application from which it originally came or where it is stored. At the same time, Search integrates in many places with the applications I use every day, so that I, as a user, can easily take advantage of the possibilities. Robin Thomas and Kathrine Hammervold report first-hand what exciting things we can expect to see here in the future.  

Personal Productivity Insights in Microsoft 365 – Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

In recent months, work has changed radically – the new “new normal”. With the high percentage of people who work remotely from home, new challenges in terms of stress reduction and well-being have also come along. Mircosoft integrates exciting possibilities in M365 that helps to make personal work more pleasant and at the same time more productive. Malavika Rewari and Sumati Ahuja report first-hand about their experiences at Microsoft and the new possibilities that M365 offers.  


Expertise & Knowledge Networks: Microsoft’s Vision for a Successful Knowledge System In Your Organization  
If you didn’t get enough information about knowledge management with Project Cortex on Wednesday, you can use this session with Naomy Moneypenny to dive deep into the possibilities that Cortex will create in the future!  

Workshop on Friday  

Introduction to Information Architecture: How to Organize an Awesome Intranet  
Many intranets suffer from outdated content and a confusing structure. Susan Hanley gives tips and best practices on how to better structure your intranet so that it can be used successfully within the company.  

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