d.velop forum 2020 – We went digital!

We went digital! On May 12, 2020, the d.velop forum took place as a purely digital event for the first time in its history. Over the course of the day, more than 1,500 digitization enthusiasts listened to exciting keynote speeches, inspiring innovation pitches and presentations on digital best practices.

We’ve been overwhelmed by so much positive feedback that we can’t help but take a look back. In this blog article, we have summarized for you the best quotes, the handiest recommendations and the most exciting ideas—regardless of whether you were there and want to review the day, or you couldn’t make it to the digital event and need your daily dose of digitization after the fact.

The d.velop forum 2020 in retrospect – Totally different. Totally digital.

d.velop forum 2020

9:00 a.m. | WELCOME |

And off we go! The live stream of the d.velop forum 2020 starts shortly after 9 a.m. As usual, Stefan Olschweski, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at d.velop AG, leads us through the day as moderator: “Totally different, totally digital – welcome to the d.velop forum 2020!”

9:10 a.m. | KEYNOTE |

Mario Dönnebrink, CEO of d.velop AG, opens the digital d.velop forum 2020 with his keynote speech “Made by people made for people: new roles, new solutions.” After presenting his vision for the d.velop platform last year, this year Mario subjects his vision to the stress test – and quite successfully, it would seem.

Since the last d.velop forum, a lot has happened with regard to the d.velop platform. What exactly? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Since the last d.velop forum, 36 apps have been published in the new d.velop store.
  • 14 app builders have contributed to this growth. 70 more are in the onboarding phase.
  • With more than 1,000 cloud instances, a large number of companies now rely on d.velop documents as the basis for their digitization.
  • The d.velop sign app alone was purchased over 100 times in the past three months.

What else stuck with us?

The following quote in particular:

Everything that can become a platform will become one. Platform economies create completely new distributions of roles among providers, creators and users. Trust will play a critical role.

Mario Dönnebrink, d.velop AG

9:30 a.m. | PITCH |

Following the numerous milestones in Mario’s keynote, it’s now time for the actual stress test for the d.velop platform. Five of the 14 app builders who have already released apps in the d.velop store will pitch their apps and tell us a little bit about their experiences with the d.velop platform. Get to know our app builders:

  1. GetMyInvoices – fino data services GmbH, presented by Christian Heimrich
  2. Different Mind | Time Tracking – Different Mind GmbH, presented by Kai Schickor
  3. SC Contract | Contract Management – Schweiger Consulting GmbH, presented by Stefan Schweiger
  4. Vehicle files – evosec GmbH & Co. KG, presented by Björn Renzel
  5. LD connect for DATEV Accounting pro – Lion & Deer GmbH, presented by Jonathan Gerich

After the pitch, things really get exciting for the app builders. The spectators decide which of the solutions they liked best using the event app. And the winner is: GetMyInvoices – fino data services GmbH.

For anyone wondering: Unfortunately, the d.velop store and its apps are currently only available in German – the English version is yet to come! We’re working hard to provide our English platform to you as soon as possible.

10:00 a.m. | SUCCESS STORIES |

“Software by people, for people” is the title of Mario Dönnebrink’s keynote speech. And that’s exactly why it’s now time to hear from the people who work with d.velop software every day. From 10:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m., Markus Schneider from Knauf Interfer, Philipp Wiesauer from Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG and Henning Schulz from Jung von Matt will take the wheel. On the agenda are best practices for introducing a document management system, digital signatures, and digital invoice receipt in SAP environments.

Analog processes also work, but they are totally uneconomical.

Markus Schneider, Knauf Interfer SE

It is imperative that we check our invoices, which have been known to disappear into a dusty drawer. The best way to do this is digitally!

Henning Schulz, Jung von Matt

We wanted a completely seamless process in single system. All that was missing was the digital signature.

Philipp Wiesauer, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG

11:55 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. | NETWORKING & ENTERTAINMENT |

Normal? Few things are ever normal at the d.velop forum. Therefore, the lunch break is not a classic lunch break but rather a lunch “mashup.” Those who want to can take a break, others can start networking or catch one of our exciting entertainment acts. For example, participants can take part in industry roundtables in virtual meeting rooms using the event app. On stage, the incredible Heinz (Gröning), Andreas Axmann and Dr. Ben Baak keep the energy flowing.

Hard to imagine? Here are a few memorable moments.

d.velop forum 2020 lunch mashup

1:20 p.m. | KEYNOTE |

After the not-quite-normal “lunch break,” Dr. Leon Windscheid steps up to the plate. The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” winner, author and psychologist takes us on a journey into the brain. Ever since homo sapiens appeared on the scene 300,000 years ago, little has changed in our minds. “We have the same gray matter as a caveman.” But our brains weren’t made for the world we live in today. We ask Google instead of thinking. Light switches can talk. Cars can drive all by themselves. How do we solve this challenge? Here’s Leon’s take:

We humans will now do anything not to have to suffer boredom. And that’s dangerous. Because boredom makes us more creative. Boredom is like a compass needle for our brains. It tells us when we’re barking up the wrong tree.

Dr. Leon Windscheid

1:50 p.m. | KEYNOTE |

Immediately after the exciting lecture by Leon, d.velop CTO Rainer Hehmann follows with his even more exciting keynote, “Defining disruption: Successfully shaping the future with disruptive and evolutionary technologies.” For Rainer, disruptive technologies are the answer to rapidly changing circumstances. The art, however, lies in combining disruptive and evolutionary technologies. In his keynote speech, Rainer explains exactly how this works at d.velop.

And he’s got a few highlights to show off, like the new d.velop documents, which potential customers can test for eight weeks completely free of charge, or the option for d.velop customers to switch to hybrid operation free of charge so that they can profit from the numerous apps in the d.velop store. Rainer sees collaboration as the key to comprehensive information management in a company. It’s therefore only logical that he would also announce new functions such as external document sharing, native team integration and chat functions.

Disruptive technologies are the answer to rapidly changing circumstances. For fast-growing companies, the art lies in combining disruption with evolution.

Rainer Hehmann, d.velop AG

From 2:45 p.m. | INNOVATION2USE |

To conclude, the inspiration comes rapid fire. During the innovation2use segment, d.velopers present seven innovations that companies can implement immediately in 15 minutes each. The following topics await the participants:

  • Using d.velop software effectively – Insights into current developments for documents and files with Franz Schmitt
  • Expanding on-premises d.3ecm systems using cloud applications – d.velop cloud hybrid operation with Thomas Schlemmer
  • Decentralized processing of a central inbox using AI with Dirk Wrany
  • Completely digital processing of incoming invoices in the cloud – d.velop smart invoice with Leenard Reinberg
  • Digital and personal – How an app can improve corporate communication! with Thorsten Fliege
  • Document management with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 – d.velop for Microsoft 365 with Stefan Osterkamp
  • d.velop dialogue – Connecting farmers and companies using documents with Charlotte Stricker and Leonie Schlüter

4:15 p.m. | WRAP-UP |

That’s the end of the d.velop forum 2020! Stefan Olschewski concludes the event with his wrap-up at 4:15 p.m.

BUT: When one forum  finishes, that means the next forum is already on the horizon! We’re happy to already announce the time and location for the next d.velop forum. On May 19 and 20, 2021, the STATION in Berlin will be the meeting place for everyone who wants to explore how digitization within a company looks in concrete terms. The day before, we’ll pound the keys with you during the d.velop hackathon and work together to develop answers for the digital transformation.

So why wait? Register now for the d.velop forum 2021 in Berlin. The d.velop forum is currently held in German – if you’re interested in exciting keynotes and innovation pitches in English, let us know! We’re happy to help you with your digitization experience.